Trump Invites Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime To His Speech, WaPo Does THIS Instantly…

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures during a joint session of Congress in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017. Trump will press Congress to carry out his priorities for replacing Obamacare, jump-starting the economy and bolstering the nation's defenses in an address eagerly awaited by lawmakers, investors and the public who want greater clarity on his policy agenda. Photographer: Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via Bloomberg

The Washington Post lost a lot of credibility during the 2016 election cycle by relentlessly attacking Trump and giving Hillary Clinton a much easier time.

They were also quite wrong about their prediction of what the result of the election would be.

In Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night, Democrats loudly groaned when the president said he was going to stand up for families who were victims of crimes carried out by illegal immigrants.

On top of that, the Washington Post seemed to call the crimes in to question??

From Washington Examiner:

A Washington Post editorial accused President Trump on Tuesday of appealing to “to raw prejudice and fear” in his first joint session speech by inviting the families of people “allegedly murdered by illegal immigrants” to attend.

The Post’s use of “allegedly” appears to suggest that there is legal doubt over whether it was illegal immigrants who murdered the victims, although there are few doubts.

Not exactly a classy move from WaPo.


  1. Left winged anything, be it media or persons are unable to be classy in any way shape or form. It simply is not available in their DNA…………..

  2. I swear I try to ignore these media outlets like the WaPo,so they get the picture we/I do not trust and Im not interested in their fake news and biased opinions. If we just ignore and take a whole week, just one week no tweet, no facebooking, or what ever we do to show these stories they will just slip into the abyss. Only those that are dedicated to their ideology will read this dribble. The rest of us with brains will get the real and complete news in other ways.

    Lets all try and ignore

  3. yet its ok for obama and hillary to have families of thugs who got themselves shot by police. kind of speaks volumes about their morals doesnt it?

  4. Man libtards are morons. We need to know what these Illegal immigrants are up to. I’m sure Trump could come up with a tremendous plan to do this. He could probably learn a lot from Alfred Rosenberg. He was quite good at this kind of thing back in the day. Trumps whole VOICE thing is basically the same thing as Rosenbergs “Institute for Research into the Jewish Question”.

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