PALIN – Time for action, or its all downhill from here, trust me

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 9: Attorney General Jeff Sessions listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a swearing in ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on Thursday, Feb. 08, 2017. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

As I learned serving as Governor when my nominated AG was defeated during confirmation for no valid reason – my fellow Republicans having caved under leftist pressure, refusing to defend my AG – it’s all downhill from here unless the Trump Administration refuses to capitulate.

UniParty Senators overtly lying about their contacts with the Russian Ambassador, joined by too many in the GOPe stirring it up behind the scenes = elements of a perfectly horrible storm.

With the ouster of Gen. Flynn, the crocs smelled blood in the water. Precedence was set. Now more than ever the Trump Movement must pressure the Administration to steel its spine. Or it’s all downhill from here.

Trust me, on a smaller scale I’ve been there.

You can’t “win them over.” When it comes to the obstructionists, give them an inch and they’ll take the circumference of the globe.

– Sarah Palin


  1. Amen!, Fight back and don’t budge an inch! These mentally ill left wing wackos should be pushed back, This is why We Patriots voted for DJT. Mr. Sessions do not develope weak knees believed in DJT from the beginning! MAGA!!!

  2. Why you are not an adviser in the Trump administration right now is beyond me. Only you and the president know that reason for sure. I was just telling my 14 year old daughter, while driving her home from school, the similarities to you in Alaska and what we see now with Sessions. The only difference is that I understand the reasons you had to resign as governor. Sessions has no such obligation to do so, and Trump has no obligation to ask. Keep advising Governor Palin, in the way you do best. Please!!!

  3. The fact that Gov. Palin’s initial AG nominee was rejected turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She subsequently nominated Dan Sullivan who was confirmed by the AK legislature. Sullivan was moved to another position when Sean Parnell took over and then he ran for the US Senate and defeated Mark Begich.

  4. Let’s see, Sessions was a Senator before he was nominated for AG. In his position as Senator, he was entitled to speak to Russian envoys just as Democrats went to Syria. Just as Republicans went to Afghanistan and Iraq in their questionable capacities. So what is the big deal?. Look – I get it. The leftist/socialist/progressive/Democrats are responding as cornered feral animals as there is nothing left them – nothing. So what do we deplorables do? Press on! Stick it to those despicables with policies that will demonstrate to all that socialism is a failed system – that globalism is a total failure The future belongs to the deplorables!

  5. This is a baseless witch hunt by the Democrats. I fully suspect that they are doing this in the hopes that it will delay the investigations into the criminal on goings of the Democrats and Hillary in particular. The number of dead bodies, the secret emails, the fact that Hillary liked using “Snapchat”. A format that automatically deletes the image you send after it is viewed! Remember, an image can also be completely text!! What better way to hide your activity, and not use email! This action by the Democrats is shallow and stinks of corruption!

  6. “With the ouster of Gen. Flynn, the crocs smelled blood in the water.
    Precedence was set. Now more than ever the Trump Movement must pressure
    the Administration to steel its spine.”

    Let’s keep making ourselves heard.

  7. Thank you Governor Palin. It’s clear the left will never be satisfied. I seem to remember back in October someone asking about respecting the results of the election.I guess that only applied if they won.

  8. Tell it Sarah! I thought the Flynn move was wrong, they are just checking off from a list now. Trump seemed to stand firm but he let Sessions babble on and back down.

    • actually if he recuses himself from any Trump/Russia investigation (which he did not say was taking place BTW) it leaves him free to go after pizzagate and other important things rather than the witch hunt of the dems.

      • Nice positive thought that assumes he is not cast out like Flynn (that resignation a mistake – never capitulate) Also it is not a choice Sessions can work on more than one case. He is greatly weakened. Trump White House needs to get alpha! What happened to the alpha dogs who won against all odds? They need a whole new media team (see Mike Cernovich on YOUTUBE and better advisors like Sarah and Ann Coulter.

  9. Democrats and cable news pundits who use the (crazy) “the Russians are coming” narrative need a clever name that mirrors the “birthers” narrative. We need to pick a name and then mock them relentlessly.

  10. Hopefully, Governor, the White House staff reads your website and carefully considers your advise. Paging Mr. Bannon.

  11. Dont cave to these Dem professional liars! Its so obvious that they plan and coordinate all these lies to try and pick off 1 by 1 trumps cabinet. Stay where you are and do not back down Sessions!

  12. This is why you are needed in the administration there are to many squishes. You were never and will never be one of those.

  13. Couldn’t agree with you more, Governor!

    STAND FIRM, Mr. President and Trump Administration. NO MORE CAVING TO THE DEMS, MEDIA and RINOs, like with Gen. Flynn!!!

  14. The Democrats have put on their hooded gowns and are out to eliminate the Republicans once again as they did 1867 and burning the Cross!

  15. I am fed up with all the “creative” politics of personal destruction from the left. The way I can fight back in Alabama is to fund the opponent of Congresswoman Terri Sewell, the lone Democrat representative from our state, in 2018. Her district is a majority-minority district representing a predominateAs for General Sessions, the nation couldn’t have a more honorable man of letters leading the Justice Department.

  16. You’re absolutely right, Sarah! When you give these ______ an opening, they drive the bulldozer through. The GOP should have kept their mouths shut, or stood by Secretary Sessions until or if they ever had anything to show. Greg Gutfeld was right, the question was a bait and switch, and I believe the Obama set up the entire situation prior to leaving office. This is truly disturbing.

  17. When Henry Kissinger was Nixon’s national security advisor he made secret trips to Beijing to open the door to establishing diplomatic relations. He also made secret trips to the Soviet Union that cleared the way for the START I agreements, doing so 10 days after Nixon ordered the mining of Haiphong Harbor at the start of Linebacker One, the most successful air campaign the US prosecuted in the Vietnam War. While I can’t prove it, I suspect Kissinger also made at least one secret trip to Hanoi circa 1970 or 1971. And then there were the secret contacts with Le Duc Tho in France that led to the Paris Accords of January 1973 and the US’s final exit from Vietnam and return of American POWs held by Hanoi. After Israeli planes strafed the USS Liberty during the Six Day War killing wounding American sailors, through secret diplomacy Israel “apologized” for its mistake by furnishing the United States with an intact SA-2 surface to air missile system complete with Fansong radar, guidance systems, and operation manuals. US fighter-bomber losses to SA-2 missiles fired by North Vietnam plummeted after that. Even in warfare there one is always communicating with the enemy…combat is a form of communication. Democrats are acting like children and they simply cannot be this stupid. They simply think the American people are guliable enough to believe their bilge.

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