Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Bush About UFOs, His Response Is PRICELESS

George W. Bush has a new book out and it’s a collection of portraits that he has painted of wounded veterans.

All the proceeds go to his foundation that gives back to veterans and you can check it out here.

Bush has been making the rounds on various talk shows to promote the book and you’ll love the exchange he had when he sat down with Jimmy Kimmel recently.

Love it!

H/T Washington Examiner


  1. That is a good question. I looked at the files when I was in Obamas office the day he was spanking me and – dont tell anyone – but Obama is an alien. Most of the liberals are aliens as well. I am saying this because I think the world needs to know this. Also my wife is an alien.

      • That is a good question. I have the answer here. I am from the planet of idiots. Can someone please waterboard me. I am a horrible person and would like to be waterboarded. If possible please punch me in the eye. My wife hits me everyday and I deserve it because I watch porn. Dont tell my wife – but I voted for Trump. I think he is handsome and I want him to kick me out of the country. Thank you and god bless America.

  2. He is not telling because he knows he is talking to an evil clown from outer space. He’s just afraid.

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