Liberal British Actor Seeks Citizenship To Fight Trump

Sadly, we have witnessed a lot of celebrities lose touch with reality following the election of Donald Trump.

Many celebrities threatened to leave the country if Trump became president.

So far, none of them have actually done it.

It looks like one well-known actor is doing the opposite.

He is going to become a citizen solely to fight against Trump.

From Telegraph:

Patrick Stewart has said he is applying for US citizenship in order to “fight” Donald Trump.

On The View, he said that because of the recent election he has decided to apply for citizenship in order to join the resistance against the President.


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  1. Didn’t he just disqualify himself for citizenship?

    I can’t imagine his application being approved after announcing to the world his goal of undermining a lawfully serving US President.

    Beam him outta here.

  2. “Many celebrities threatened to leave the country if Trump became president.”

    And none will cuz no one wants they worthless butts in their country either………..

  3. Denied. Non-citizens may apply to become part of US. This is not becoming part of us, he wants to fight us. Denied. Tell the ugly old fag to go screw a moose.

  4. Surely there is a law against plotting to overthrow the government. If not, there should be. This whole thing is so ridiculous….and stressful.

  5. every has been cockroach looking for attention is crawling out of the woodwork. it really goes to show how great he is doing as prez.

  6. I just lost all respect for him. To bad too because I was really looking forward to his new movie Wolverine. Patrick Stewart I guess living in your mansion and all you haven’t bothered to look around to see what’s happening in Britain with all the Muslims. And how Liberals are destroying Britain and Europe. Why don’t you ask the French people what they think of Donald Trump. Everyone here please say a prayer for French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen who will get France fighting to stop the spread of lslam and the Globalist who want the world to be taken over by Islam.

  7. Patrick Stewart…..just act. We don’t need your political opinions. We don’t need your “Help” to aid others in trying to undermine a duly elected POTUS. What we do need from you, is to make your character believable to us, and then get your check for a rediculous sum for living in a fantasy world. That alone should keep you happy.

  8. Please Please take him. He spends most of his time in LA anyway. And can you also take Emma Thompson and Emma Watson please. Thank you dear friends.

  9. These comments are HYSTERICAL!! You actually believed it?? cheeto in chief will self-destruct long before any transfer of citizenship could take place so all he would have to do is wait.

  10. Let’s see, last time I checked it takes about 7 years, if he qualifies. That leaves him less than a year to fight at best!

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