WOW! Shocking Details Of Hunter Biden’s Divorce Reveal…

Kathleen Biden is accusing her soon-to-be ex-husband Hunter Biden of seriously frivolous spending on “drugs, prostitutes, and an $80,000 diamond,” per Daily Mail.

This news comes just days after it was revealed Hunter and widowed sister-in-law Hallie Biden are in a romantic relationship—one that former Vice President Joe Biden has supposedly “blessed.”

Check it out:

In a motion that was submitted on February 27, Kathleen accuses Hunter of ‘dissipating hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds’ by ‘spending extravagantly on his own interests’ in the year since the two made the decision to formally separate while asking the court to freeze his assets.

The lack of mainstream coverage on these details is another example of the media’s double standard on the basis of party lines.

The media has personally attacked the families of political conservatives for years, without qualms. Some that come to mind are members of the Trump, Palin, Romney, Cruz, and Bush families.

And while the Palin family’s intimate information has been shared and scrutinized across a broad spectrum, no mention was ever made of Joe Biden’s son, despite the height of his questionable behavior occurring in the midst of his father’s vice presidency.



    • First all of, shouldn’t you say “Good job, Mary” . .you know, acknowledging the person that actually wrote the story.

      Second,is there hypocrisy amongst democrats? Of course there is. But there is PLENTY of hypocrisy amongst republicans too. Anyone from EITHER party that thinks their “side” is better, is extremely naive.

        • And for starters — republicans that complained about Cllinton’s infidelities, while not caring about the infidelities of Trump, Giuliani, Limbaugh, etc, etc. And republicans knocked Clinton’s lack of military service, saying someone who didn’t serve shouldn’t be commander-in-chief. Yet, they have absolutely no problem with Trump’s lack of service. Then there are the senators who complain about democrats holding up Trumps’ cabinet nominees, yet they refused to even hold hearings on Merrick Garland’s nomination. Shall I continue?

          • uh no, moonbat. As is typical with bitter losers on the left, your analogies never make sense. There is a massive difference between past infidelities and workplace sexual exploitation of female subordinates. Lunatics on the left, always eager to defend ANYTHING, never seem to understand the difference.

            The issue was clinton’s workplace sexual exploitation of female subordinates. Show me where any of those republicans sexually exploited females in the workplace. Were Trump, Giuliani, Limbaugh, abusing their power to get blowjobs from female interns in the workplace? Were they ejaculating in the Oval Office sink on the job?

            Dont’ lump infidelities from the past with workplace sexual exploitation. Clinton was a sexual PREDATOR, very different rom your garden variety adulterer.

          • Oh, where to begin? I guess I should first congratulate you on your use of childish name calling — that is sure to make your “argument” credible”.

            The thing with Lewinsky was consensual; hardly “sexual exploitation”. And even if Clinton did use his position to convince Monica to engage in sexual conduct, there are plenty of republicans who are guilty of similar activities. And before you bring up the sexual harassment allegations (Paula Jones, etc), it should be noted that these were never proven – they were just allegations, much like the recent allegations made against Trump. Was Clinton guilty of harassment? It’s very likely he was, but once again I point to the hypocrisy of republicans to vilify him for such accusations while brushing aside similar allegations against republicans.

            I would think republicans would be outraged about Trump’s infidelities. When arguing against same sex marriage, they claim that the bible forbids it, and the bible is always true. Well, adultery is one of the ten commandments, so why aren’t they using that to deny rights to adulterers? Shouldn’t they be trying to ban divorced people from getting remarried, which the bible considers adultery. More hyporisy.

            And if you were able to grasp “context”, you would understand that my comment about neither party being better than the other mean that they are both equally hypocritical — not which party currently holds more “power” in the government. But let’s talk about that. While republicans still control both houses of Congress, they lost seats in both houses in 2016. And while Trump won the electoral vote, he lost the popular vote. Yes — I fully understand the concept of the electoral college, and am not arguing it should be abolished. But you should keep in mind that more PEOPLE voted for Hillary than voted for Trump. That’s something Trump himself should also remember.

            And I’ll close with more hypocrisy from the right:

            1. During the campaign, Trump constantly said our country has become to politically correct and sensitive. That’s one thing I completely agree with. Yet, he whines like a little girl anytime someone dared to say something slightly negative about him.

            2. More on political correctness: yes, people on the left who complain about those who say “Merry Christmas” are being ridiculous. But so are those on the right who complain about those who CHOOSE to say “happy holidays”.

            3. Trump often tweeted (big shock!) about Obama traveling and taking too much vacation, yet he’s spent nearly every weekend of his presidency in Florida. Personally, I couldn’t care less how much a president travels, and I”m smart enough to realize that a president is never TRULY on vacation. But if Trump didn’t like Obama traveling on taxpayer dollars so much, why is he doing it so often?

            4. Republicans talk about “smaller government”, which is a valid argument. But they seem to only want a smaller government when it comes to helping people, and a larger government when it comes to telling people how to live their lives.

          • When I read your lies and spin in the first paragraph, I read no further, but will correct a couple of your lies. Of course having sexual relations with a female subordinate is workplace sexual exploitation. No other way to define it. Sadly, liberals defend this type of behavior.

            Secondly, Clinton paid Paula Jones a settlement of $850,000 All you had to do was to look this up to know it. There is no question it is true. He sexually harassed, exploited many others. [Kathleen Willey is another that comes to mind]

            Don’t make an ass of yourself defending professional liars and grifters. There is a huge difference between infidelities and sexual exploitation/harassment.

            And lastly, this is another reason why the left lost it all. They are now a little regional party; the GOP controls the presidency, senate, congress, SCOTUS, 33 state governorships, and most state legislatures. This type of stuff is why. Most people remember the sick, demented behavior of the clintonistas and how the losers on the left defended them,.

          • You are right that democrats defended what Clinton did, but the entire point of my post is that republicans also defend republicans when they engage in awful behavior. You seem fixated on just one of the many examples of republican hyprocrisy by saying “what Clinton did is so much worse than adultery, so it doesn’t matter what republicans do”.

            And while republicans do control both houses, the fact is the democrats GAINED seats in both houses. There will be more gains in 2018, as long as Trump continues to prove he is completely unpresidential and unfit for the job. He was right about another thing during the campaign: he could shoot someone and his supporters would still back him.

          • The fact is that democrats LOST 1200 seats under 8 years of Obama and have lost all control It is GOOD for dems [losers] to call Trump “unpresidential,” because it confirms that dems have no earthly idea what constitutes “presidential” behavior. Losers don’t define winners.

            And to your first point, you only confirm that the left doesn’t understand the difference between infidelity and the behavior of a sexual predator. In other words, democrats don’t know right from wrong, which is why they are unfit to lead. America has made that judgement and relegated their little party to a regional party. Maybe Hillary could run for dog catcher of California or NewYork?

          • And acting “presidential” means setting an example. Someone who is presidential doesn’t engage in childish name calling on the campaign trail, while whining anytime someone has the nerve to say anything negative about him. Someone who is presidential doesn’t suggest punching someone else in the face for protesting at his rally. Someone who is presidential doesn’t send out tweets about the ratings of a reality show. Someone who is presidential doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims about illegal votes, especially when he actually won the election. Someone who is presidential (and not hypocritical) doesn’t take weekly taxpayer-funded trips after complaining about how much his predecessor flew around.

          • Someone who is “presidential” does not get blow jobs from female subordinates while speaking on the phone to a US congressman. The left lost the title of self proclaimed arbiters of what constitutes “presidential” a long time ago, especially when they recently voted to bring Bill Clinton back to our WH. 😊 Losers don’t define winners, bud.

          • Robert Harris – There were a number of far-less-than-Presidential errors made degradingly and vindictively by the previous occupier of our Oval Office, far more than the detractors of President of the United States of America Donald John Trump could ever even *hope* “The Donald” would commit. It’s certainly refreshing, too, that President Trump isn’t living in the past, blaming the previous occupier of our Oval Office for the difficulties left to correct and resolve. (And yet the O’Bots laud their messiah for the accomplishments of “The Donald!” Funny how that works!)

            De Oppresso Liber

          • And let me just clarify, Republicans don’t defend adultery. But they will forgive past behavior as long as the person has demonstrated change.

            It is a completely different “standard” for dems. They will DEFEND ongoing, on the job degenerate behavior. They DEFENDED workplace sexual exploitation of female subordinates, blow jobs in the Oval Office, ejaculation in the Oval Office sink, perjury and obstruction in a court case. Had Clnton not ejaculated on Monica Lewkinsky’s dress, she would have been destroyed in the press by democrats in the same way Paula Jones was. These are all horrible, depraved people.

            Once again, you demonstrate you don’t understand the difference between what Clinton did and what Trump did.

          • Sure republicans will forgive past behavior — of republicans. Just like democrats will forgive past behavior — of democrats. That’s my entire point — neither party is better than the other when it comes to lies and hypocrisy. And if you fail to see that, you are extremely naive.

          • If you fail to see the difference between past and present and infidelity and sexual exploitation, then you don’t know right from wrong. But we already knew this.

          • And about the “childish name calling” I would suggest the devil hates to be mocked, doesn’t he? 😋

          • It was the Democrats who wanted the rule that was a President in the last months/days of their final term does not get to appoint to SCOTUS . So let’s not accuse the Republicans obstructionist. Not when it comes to this issue.

          • Umm, please provide proof of such rule. And as I stated in my original comment, both parties are hypocrites, a fact which many people posting here fail to recognize.

          • Robert Harris – Your defenses of the indefensible, assuming you have the intelligence to know the indefensible, would rightly be adjudged as hypocrisy, “a fact which [you] fail to recognize.”

            De Oppresso Liber

          • I don’t believe you saw me defend ANYTHING. Personally, when voting for a president, I couldn’t care less about their “personal indiscretions” or lack of military service –whether that candidate is republican or democrat. And I fully admitted, multiple times, that BOTH parties are equally hypocritical. But people posting here continue to ignore that fact, some even denying it saying their party is better than the other.

            OH, and name one thing Trump as actually ‘accomplished’ that Democrats are giving credit to Obama — AND explain exactly what Trump did to accomplish this.

          • Robert Harris – It would appear that your repeated denying of denials reeks of protesting overmuch. You may wish to re-evaluate such effect.

            You asked for “one thing,” though I suspect that, much like the repeatedly touted, “We just need one more ‘gun control’ law to solve ‘the problem with guns,” the next demand you’ll have is, “Name one more thing!” Okay, I’ll bite: The “jobs created” numbers are waaaaay up, and the DemonKKKraps attribute this to O’BamBam’s perspicacious efforts; in truth, they were created with President Donald John Trump’s negotiations with corporate leaders and fostering a more jobs-amenable climate for companies to conduct business, including new hires. (Notably, the coastal bastions of failed and failing socialism continue to lose corporations, corporate taxes, and overall business, but those sewers and cesspools can revel in their swelling numbers of unemployed and those seeking welfare. It’s really difficult to “fix” stooopit, but President Trump may yet be able to confine and neuter it; in time, maybe the single-cell humanoids in those areas will see the benefits of an exceptional America and come “home” to participating in the greatness of this country.

            You asked!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Do you know Trump graduated from a military academy and as a senior was named a Captain? Obama was a community organizer and a no show for the senate and well, you know Hillary already.

          • umm, Do you know a military academy isn’t the same as actually serving in the military? When it came time to actually serve, he had 5 deferments (I couldn’t care less that he didn’t serve, but republicans SHOULD).

            And what’s wrong with being a community organizer? That’s something that actually entails helping people. yes, Trump has built up a business — but it’s one that entails building things for more rich people. And people think he’ll actually look out for the average American? Yeah,, right.

          • Robert Harris – “…[W]hat’s wrong with being a community organizer?” Your nonfactual justification for that which O’Bahaha “accomplished” at the expense of those a “community organizer” would have the responsibility of helping shows that you rightly idolize your clay-footed, boy messiah. Get right, dude, at least with karma!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Pat Henson Ward – As best I recall, the given name for the Butcher of Benghazi is “Lying Killary,” but I could, at the outside, be mistaken, as some just call her “The Beeotch.”

            De Oppresso Liber

      • And yes the GOP is “better” than the democrats. The dems are a little regional party now. They lost 1200 seats under Obama. The GOP controls the presidency, senate, congress, SCOTUS and 33 state governorships. No comparison.

        • I want to like Republicans, because that is where my viewpoints fit the best. But I am not pleased at all how they turn-coated on Sessions, punted the tax cut, and can’t make way against Obamacare. Unless they change, they’ll soon fold on their biggest asset: President Trump.

          Republicans control the seats, but are always bringing a knife to a gun fight and keep losing.

          • Lisanna – At this point, it’s likely that if RINOs had balls, they’d just kick ’em around playing foosball! They need real *gonads!*

            De Oppresso Liber

      • Well. Yes, both parties suck. IMO.

        But the crux of Sarah Palin’s post is not which party is right or wrong. The point is the tendency of the mass media to white-wash stories critical of the left (the editor’s title does not match the text well).

        I agree both parties suck. But the Dems have an advantage at sucking because the media is in their pocket.

  1. Would love to see the interactions at the next Thanksgiving dinner at the Bidens. NOW we know the real reason ole’ Joe didn’t want to run for the presidency. Instead they send the bloated, over the “hill” and mentally ill hildabeast to run and The Donald!

  2. This is typical leftist behavior, whatever makes you ‘feel’ good go for it. He leaves his wife for his sister -in -law, no thank you !!! Joe Biden gives his son his blessings? Doesn’t Joe have any loyalty to his daughter in law that stood by his son? WTH is with these people, just because he is your son you don’t give him the green light to do anything he damn well pleases. This is what liberalism is all about, if it feels good go for it.

    • You’re sooo right. republicans would NEVER even think about cheating on their wives, or leaving their wives for another woman. (I certainly hope you were able to sense the sarcasm).

  3. Is it really anyone’s business? Whether Demo or Repubs, I could care less about the doings of their kids. They didn’t sign up for public scrutiny. Take the plank out of your own eye and stop judging all of them.

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