Nike Makes BIG Announcement Regarding Their Muslim Customers…

CHICAGO - MARCH 19: Front store facade and signage is seen at a Niketown store March 19, 2004 in Chicago, illinois. Nike Inc. reported a 60 percent rise in third quarter net income from the same period a year ago. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Nike recently announced a move that is sure to generate a lot of controversy.

Here’s what went down…

From Breitbart:

Sports clothing manufacturer Nike is introducing a new line of Muslim friendly sportswear which will include a hijab head covering featuring the Nike swoosh brand logo.

The new “Nike Pro Hijab” is the result of several years of advocacy and product development, the company says. It is made of a light, stretchy material with an extended cape to prevent the covering from becoming untucked during strenuous movement. A Nike swoosh is emblazoned prominently above the wearer’s ears.

Couple ways to look at this.

On one hand, Nike is trying to be tolerant and make products that everyone can wear.

On the other hand, hijabs are very clearly a form of oppressing women.

What’s your take on all this?

Let us know below…

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  1. I’m sure there is a burning need for this type of garment and that the demand for such clothing is huge. Surely millions of orders are being placed as we speak.


    I hope this shameless indulgence in some of the most gratuitous virtue signaling in the history of retail proves to be colossally expensive to the swoosh.

  2. Hope Nike is able to sustain considering all the business they are going to lose from Americans. Personally, I hope they go broke. I will NEVER purchase another Nike product.

    • As I replied to another post…..

      I wish you were right… that they’d lose business.

      But the low-information txt generation disappoints at every chance.

      Sadly, after a momentary blip, it will be business as usual for Nike.

  3. trying to play the middle…no..nope..we see right through it…hijabs are suppresion of women..along with Sharia Law and muslimes in general…another company to be boycotted!

  4. I guess I will not be buying Nike products anymore as you should not cater to Muslims in America if you want to support Muslims sell to them in their own country NOT IN AMERICA.

    • But Norma, there are over two million Muslims who are American citizens. Maybe you should meet some of them. You might become less afraid.

      • Norma isn’t afraid … shes smart enough to know, in the end, that Muslim “friend” will turn on you for abrother of the faith … its in the Quran, its their holy law. I guess what I’m trying to say is her eyes are open …

        • Did she actually speak with a Muslim, or did someone give her their interpretation of the Koran? If they are so violent, why are their communities so peaceful? Why do they have so many well-run businesses? Why have no practicing Muslims been involved in violent acts against America?

          • I live in a state that has recently been rated “The best place to live” by several sources. (Hint: It’s not Kansas). We have the best educational system. We have the best colleges and universities in the country.We were rated best for innovation. We have almost total coverage with health insurance, and we have the best doctors and hospitals. We have #.2% unemployment. We have very high paying jobs. We have a very diverse work force. And yes, we pay a lot in taxes, and we are happy to do so. It’s certainly not perfect, but we continue to try.

          • I was thinking you were in another country, not the US of A for you to ask “Why have no practicing Muslims been involved in violent acts against America?” First let me clarify before someone tries to correct me. –Islam is the act of submitting to the will of God whereas a Muslim is person who participates in the act of submission.– Then let me provide a link that includes but is not limited to violent acts against America(ns) from 1979 to date. Feel free to reference it to keep yourself abreast from time to time.

          • Marge,
            Most of those attacks are part of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. This is a terribel, unresovled situation in which both sides deverse a lot of blame. The list does not include the retaliation by Israel.
            Here in the U.S. how does attacks by Mulsims compare to violent acts by White, Christian men with guns?

          • #1. I do not have 10 foot high blue hair.
            #2. You asked “Why have no practicing Muslims been involved in violent acts against America?” I rebuked with evidence. Sorry i didn’t cherry pick it for you.
            #3.How about you do some quick googling and answer your own new deflecting question. I found the link easy enough. I know the answer. I am not here to argue, I was just correcting your assumption of no Muslim violence in the US of A.

          • At least we have cleared up that you are not THAT Margie.
            But really, in your life, do you feel the Muslims are a threat to you and those you care about? Do you think, as Trump does, that we should send 30,000 troops to Syria? Do you rally think that allowing 100 Yazidis into this country, people who have been chased out of their homes by ISIS, people who have been scrutinized for years by immigration authorities, would be more of a threat to you than the Republicans in Congress?

    • Women of Islamic faith do not have that choice under Sharia law, but I’m glad to hear your freedom of opinion under American and God’s law.

  5. Nike’s just an average line anymore. I can’t imagine a true Muslim polluting their headgear to make any statement and especially a statement for an “infidel” company. I expect there will be some athletes

  6. Hmmm, how *does* Islam regard the rank commercial exploitation of their beliefs? Will there be a clamor for Nike prayer rugs with a big swoosh, too?

  7. It’s a very good thing that I haven’t bought my new shoes yet this month, I’ll not be buying nike shoes, EVER!!!!!!

  8. I don’t buy their products often and this move will insure that I don’t in the future. The list of businesses keeps growing that USA citizens are boycotting.

    • As I replied in a different post:

      I wish you were right… that they’d lose business.

      But the low-information txt generation disappoints at every chance.

      Sadly, after a momentary blip, it will be business as usual for Nike.

  9. Business has no “moral component”. It serves the market, wherever it may lead. That is why sexy clothing is sold and bought, why tobacco and marijuana is legalized. That is why gambling is encouraged by the State and warnings about gambling addition are melded with the sales hype. If satanic rituals were profitable, business would serve the priests of Baal. The “lost” of this world do not regard righteousness. It is not good for profit.

  10. I’m glad Nike is making special clothing lines for special privilege.. no one else in America’s Got a special privilege I’ve never seen Nike put God on anything.. I haven’t seen Nike bringing back any jobs either.. I think between both of the things I’m watching Nike do I’ve had enough of Nike and will never buy another pair or item from Nike.. they can shove their special privilege clothing line up there ass

  11. No more Nike for this household. Throwing them all out and going with something else. If you want to promote oppression of women, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

  12. everyone can wear their products now—- by catering to making hijabs for the oppressed Muslim women—-you just offended all the rest of us. BAD business decision!!!! Hope you reconsider and publish it—-otherwise your faithful customers are gone. Don’t be a sell out…

  13. support the way muslim women are treated? I dont like it! my problem is I have foot and back problems and Nike shocks are the only shoes that help my back…..

  14. This really makes my ass tired! This push by the left for the rest of us
    to accept the insanity of islam. All cultures are not equal and to
    pretend that islam has redeeming values goes against the evidence of
    1400 years and daily current atrocities. islam is a cult from satan –
    who else would teach their minions to hate real religions – all non
    believers – convert or die … so FU*K Nike ….. the hijab is the muslim symbol for the oppression of women. Nike, I will never again buy anything that you make.

  15. We all know how Islam/Muslim think of LGTB. As is throwing off buildings…

    Will the LGTB community boycott Nike?

    I doubt it. LGTB are too concerned with restroom access.


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