Samantha Bee Posts SICK Tweet About Kid With Cancer, DELETED IN MINUTES…

Minutes ago, host of raunchy television show Full Frontal, Samantha Bee, deleted a video from her Youtube account in which she mocked a CPAC attendee for his “nazi haircut.” The attendee has a stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis.

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.12.13 AM

The video has since been removed from Youtube:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.08.32 AM


  1. Regardless that Samantha B-lew it condemning a cancer patient for his looks, I thought condemning anyone for their looks was bad? Why was Sam complaining about someone’s – rather tame – hair style?

    It’s almost as if Liberals are inconsistent.

  2. She wasn’t quite quick enough on the draw with that delete button, was she?

    This girl had better hope she doesn’t find herself undergoing chemotherapy one day.

    And like so many unwitting tools of evil, she with her nasty stunt has opened up the opportunity for many of us to know about and pray for the young man she targeted.

    We obviously need to be praying for her wretched mind and soul, as well.

  3. So it’s okay again to comment on how a girl looks without it being sexist, because it’s okay to talk about men now. Good to know. Hey, Samantha!…..

    • It’s not funny to make fun of either sex. But in this case, the young man has stage 4 brain cancer. He sure doesn’t deserve to have this nitwit making fun of him. I’ve never heard of Samantha Bee, but maybe the b stands for something else other than an insect.

      • Yeah, I read the article. I commented to the overriding subject of the progressives thinking it’s okay to be rude and tacky but taking great offense when they’re the victims.
        As for Sam B., she is being pushed on TBS for far left political ‘humor’. The ads for the show indicate her stuff tries too hard to be funny.

  4. Who cares what Sarah “Washed Up” Palin thinks about anything? Shouldn’t she be tending to one of her daughter’s out-of-wedlock children?

  5. Samantha Bee pokes fun at Cancer Patient? That seems so out of character for liberal left wing troglodyte, right? #SamanthaBee

  6. What does having cancer have to do with the fellow’s hair style? This is NOT an endorsement of SB’s non-comedic, anti-American, self-immersed and self-indulgent SHYTE, or HER. Nor am I a fan of the new version of “high and tight” of any “style”. Too much of a reminder of the 1950’s uptight “conservative” assholes. Our culture does NOT need to go through that, nor the rebelliousness it birthed. Woodstock signified the end of two eras. The 70’s, on an everyday basis, was so much nicer than both of the previous decades and eras, and the “disco decade” and the HARD DRUG (mostly artificial drugs) SCENE that it engendered! By the way: Where are the true comediennes? Give me the Moms Mabley’s and the Rosanne Barr’s any day!


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