MUST WATCH: Look What This Liberal Thinks Our Biggest National Security Threat Is…

Liberals love to talk about issues that the majority of Americans aren’t concerned about like transgender bathrooms, free college, punishing the rich, and climate change.

On the climate change front, check out what a liberal on MSNBC had to say about our biggest national security threat.

We aren’t exactly dealing with rocket scientists and brain surgeons here.

H/T Weasel Zippers 


  1. Susan Hennessey, Senior Fellow, junior brain, lacking intelligence. Somehow, somewhere, she thinks some country has declared war against another for changing the weather. If only she’d pass a law requiring everyone to turn their air conditioners around, and blow the hot air inside and the cold air outside, she could solve the problem.

  2. It’s a shame that these fanatics don’t know that “climate change” is real…since the formative stages of Earth. Religious fanatics, the power hungry and conquerors TARGET people and civilization, the climate does not.

  3. The astroturf Susan Hennessey has for brains has grown wild enough due to “climate change.” Soon she’ll be an astro-nut! This loony-tunes lieberal must have an app to tell her when to breathe, and the app is malfunctioning!

    De Oppresso Liber

  4. The horn of Africa and Somalia are arid, have always been arid and always will be arid. These people are flat stupid.

  5. Gosh, let’s not forget north africa. 10,000 years ago it was a lot wetter and good land for plants. Of course millions of years ago it was a swamp. the mediterranean sea did not exist. europe was a collection of water and icebound islands. i had no idea that this climate change was an evil plan to conquer other people. this woman need to spread her wisdom and i propose a special speaking platform

  6. Those people are driven to their existence through laziness and lack of education on how to survive. Their destitution is caused by the murderous muzzonzi hoards destroying their food,water sources and enslavement.

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