Amy Schumer’s New Netflix Special WON’T Go Over Well With Conservatives, Here’s Why…

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: Amy Schumer speaks onstage during the rally at the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Amy Schumer has made it pretty clear where she stands on politics.

Her fans love it when she bashes conservatives.  Conservatives obviously don’t like it too much.

It looks like Schumer is generating some publicity for her new special by mocking gun owners.

From Weasel Zippers via Breitbart:

Amy Schumer uses her upcoming Netflix premiere The Leather Special to mock “gun nuts” for opposing her gun control efforts.

Schumer began to speak publicly for gun control after John Russell Houser allegedly shot and killed two persons during an airing of Schumer’s Trainwreck in a gun-free theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.

According to The Daily Beast, Schumer talks about gun control in her new special, then hedges her statements by saying “What I learned was, no matter what you say, as soon as you say the word ‘gun,’ what gun nuts hear is, ‘She wants to take all our guns!’”

What Schumer misses is that she has worked with her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to push expanded background checks because of the shooting, although the shooter passed a background check to get his gun. “Gun nuts” fail to see the sense in pushing to expand what already failed.

Alienating half of the country is never a good look.

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We will have to wait and see how these comments affect her Netflix special.


  1. “…John Russell Houser allegedly shot and killed two persons during an airing of Schumer’s Trainwreck in a gun-free theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.”

    Doesn’t the above quote say it all‽ Even “gun-FREE” Victim Zones don’t stop armed criminals from being armed and committing armed crimes. So, why would any sensible (lieberals excluded from that class of people) person want to disarm themselves or, in the alternative, have the government thugs disarm them? It would seem that the fundamental requirement for being a lieberal is to have passed Illogic 101 with honors!

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  2. 1st, she ain’t funny. 2nd, she has a new special? 3rd, she’s in the entertainment industry, so not exactly sure why she’s relevant to any discussion about anything other than entertainment — even though she doesn’t entertain.

  3. Schumer used to be funny and charming, playing off her not so great looks. Now she’s taking herself way too seriously and is no longer charming or funny. This is what happens when celebrities take themselves too seriously. As with Griffith and Whoopi, she’s just a loudmouthed has-been.

  4. Apparently Hollywood didn’t see the memo. Their political activism is no longer being paid off by us and the President using our money and resources. Obama IS history.

    Therefore when Hollywood shows all the NUTSOs they are, they are actually, finally, only hurting themselves. It’s #MindOverMatter. We no longer mind, because you don’t matter.

    As if we are going to let delusional, hypocritical, obviously ignorant school dropouts tell us how we should live. I don’t think so.

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