Trump Receives Amazing February Jobs Report, Former DNC Chair LOSES IT And Says…

Donna Brazile, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), walks through the spin room after the second U.S. presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined salacious charges about past sexual scandals with sober discussion of substantive topics during their second presidential debate Sunday night following a weekend of unprecedented crisis in the Republican nominee's campaign. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This week, Donald Trump received a stellar jobs report and things are clearly taking off on the economic front now that we have a president who knows what he’s doing when it comes to business and growth.

However, a lot of Democrats out there are still having a difficult time coming to terms with the election results.

Donna Brazile, who you might remember as the woman who gave Hillary debate questions during the Democratic primary, had the following to say about the report.


You can expect that all the bad things that happen during Trump’s term will be his fault and the good things will be due to Obama in liberal eyes.

H/T Newsbusters



  1. O’Bahaha and the DemonKKKraps blamed President GW Bush for their own failures. It’s only fitting that they laud O’Bahaha for President Donald John Trump’s accomplishments. That’s Proglibiotic illogic for ya!

    De Oppresso Liber

  2. You can expect that all the bad things that happen during Trump’s term will be his fault and the good things will be due to Obama in liberal eyes. YEP. Go fix another primary Donna. It wasnt the Russians. IT WAS YOU!!!!

  3. Hey Brazille, you see the report about H.R.C.’s campagin being one of the worst ones run in decades. LQQKS like you blew it, honey.

  4. Did she ever get in trouble for giving Hillary the debate questions in advance? How do Dems always skate on this stuff?

  5. Obama’s job growth came solely from full time jobs being split into part time jobs to avoid having to pay for healthcare. This caused more jobs, but the same amount of hours being worked and the same amount of money being paid out. Trump is creating new jobs by taking away the deterrents companies face with workforce expansion.

    • Not to mention the ones who gave up on even finding a job, and all the extra people added to the welfare and food stamp lists.

  6. Sure, all the band things that happened during Obama’s reign was Bush’s fault. All the good stuff was his. You really don’t expect him to change now do you? Really?

  7. Obama’s jobs where never real. Yes he lied and said things like “Shovel Ready Jobs” Trump means real jobs and real wages.

  8. What do you expect from Donna Brazzile? She is just as biased as all the other liberals out there who didn’t get their way on November 8th.

  9. I’ve never been more convinced of anything in my life than I am in the profoundly obvious fact that anti-Trumpers are delusional in the literal psychiatric sense.

  10. Nope, the mini buck didn’t start anything, other than a slide toward the toilet! This misguided primate can basically go screw itself .. .

  11. Democrats have never, and will never, take responsibility for their failures. Every time they screwed us over they blamed it on Bush. Now they blame their apocalyptic election defeat on everyone except themselves. They put a pathological lying criminal as their candidate. Enough said.

  12. Obama and jobs , well theres two things that don’t go together . Our GNP was at an all time low for years and the number of people on food stamps went up by millions so theres that……

  13. Don’t recall Obama stopping Carrier, Ford and Boeing from moving offshore, re-negotiation trade deals or shutting down TPP.

  14. The democrats lost over 1000 seats nation wide over the last 8 years, I don’t think the voters are buying what you are selling.

  15. The thing is this: she is NOT lying. She actually BELIEVES the VOMIT SHE SPILLS. Only jobs either her or Obummer gave anyone were blow jobs. And probably not very good ones to boot.

    America is SICK of being fuc’d by your likes –> Obummer and Brazille.

    Get the hell out of our country.

  16. The true problem most of these folks are having is he is a blond haied white man they are so racist they cant see any further than that

  17. Barry created nothing but division and hatred from the left. Oh, and letting people choose which bathroom to use. Quite a legacy.

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