Former CIA Deputy Director REVEALS Where He Thinks WikiLeaks Info Came From…

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy where he continues to seek asylum following an extradition request from Sweden in 2012, on February 5, 2016 in London, England. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has insisted that Mr Assange's detention should be brought to an end. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

This week, WikiLeaks shocked the world again.

This time, they released controversial and previously unknown information about the CIA.

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell believes the leak was an inside job.

From Washington Examiner:

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said on Saturday that the WikiLeaks’ dump of documents it claims are from the top-secret CIA hacking program is “absolutely” an “inside job.”

Speaking with “CBS This Morning,” Morell said the spy agency should be asking itself whether the leaker was a staff employee or a contractor, and whether there were any “red flags” that were missed.

When asked whether its clear to him that this could have been an inside job, Morell answered, “Absolutely.”

“This data is not shared outside CIA. It’s only inside CIA,” Morell said. “It’s on CIA’s top secret network, which is not connected to any other network. So, this has to be an inside job.”


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  1. Well find out Who. When and Where they are and arrest him. Her. Or them. Do it and tri them in court. Give the MAX Please.

  2. The comments here all share the common theme that whoever leaked the info is a traitor. OK, I get that. But shouldn’t you also be asking for the heads of those within the CIA who are running programs contrary to the US Constitution? I mean, those activities are illegal, too, and whistle blowers are (allegedly) encouraged and protected (although I’m sure Manning and Snowden might disagree). Sorry, US readers, I just don’t understand how you can seek to protect your alphabet agencies when they’re acting illegally against your interests. Bizarre!

  3. The right to bear arms was anchored in the constitution so that we the people would be able to defend ourselves against a government becoming tyrannical. In a way those leaking that information are using those means to let us know that our government is becoming tyrannical

  4. Is exposing illegal activities, against he Constitution and by the US government, considered treason or is it heroic?

  5. “This time, they released controversial and previously unknown information about the CIA.” Most of the devices in the leak have been known for years(cars, TV, Phones, Cell Phones, computers, Wifi, CD, hardware, email Geek Squad). In other words… nothing new. The only thing that seemed new was the names the CIA used for certain malware. The Russians have similar capabilities to the US as do many other individuals and countries. Yes individuals. The MSM/DNC/Nancy/Maxine need to grab reality about this “Russian” hacking fantasy. Anyone can spoof anyone else. It’s Child’s Play.

  6. What I am not hearing is a denial from the CIA. No one is saying the documents are phony. Most of the standard news reporters are lying and they are getting rich and famous. Assange is being an honest reporter in the classical sense and he will end his life being tortured to death in a dungeon some where.

    • Julian Assange is a POS who should be locked up for life somewhere far away from America…Yes, his publishing the NSA’s data collecting was great – but he has done far more damage than good to America…

      • The Obama Admin is nothing more than organized crime (think Mafia except this guy was a Muslim raised as a communist). He created Isis and helped it overthrow many countries, gutted our constitution and tried to bankrupt us. He used the most powerful spy organization in the world as his personal toy to spy on and blackmail his political rivals. And now as an ex-president he is trying to overthrow the current lawfully elected president and our government. Now two brave and very stupid traitors sacrificed their lives to get the spy agencies dirty tricks out into the world. Sowden, and Manning are traitors because they broke US law and valid signed contracts. Assange is not a US citizen and he is not on US soil if he has documents that say classified by the US government it is not a crime for him. And to publish just makes him a good investigative reporter. Did he piss off some powerful people yes and will he spend the last days of his life being tortured to death yes. That tells you how out of control our spy agencies are. Richard I wrote this because I think you are being paid for your post, and now you know the truth and can’t be innocent anymore. It looks like our spy agency has another traitor in their midst maybe there is a problem that needs to be fixed and it is not those three traitors.

        • I’m “getting paid for [my] post?” LOL!…Just because you and I disagree over Assange I’m now a paid troll?…Wake up dude – I’m just another patriotic American expressing my opinion like yourself…

  7. Paulskiy, Im seeing this allot also. like someone is working overtime to shift the focus from the CIA back to Wikileaks. Im tired of the games. Even the republicans are complaining about Assange instead of the people who were breaking the law in the first place to no follow proper protocall. And we have the war going on in so many different directions now and the rinos are dragging Trump into their way of thinking. I pray he takes more time to seek God for the answers. And Obamacare….UHG…another mess.

  8. I keep telling people that CIA Director John Brennan – that wonderful convert to the most radical form of Islam known as #Wahhabism – is the treasonist snitch behind all of this…And time will prove me correct. As Mike Morell said – the information leaked was on the CIA’s private network – thus it couldn’t have been hacked from outside sources…

  9. People should quit complaining about Wikileaks and why they are releasing these documents! Assange his motives have been obvious right from the beginning! Assange has stated why he releases them! We all know with the exception of a certain percentage of the USA have suspected that something was way off kilter during the Obama administration not only on the domestic front but on the foreign front! It’s a given that it’s an inside situation trying to let the people of this Republic know that Obamas policies, actions words and deeds were not for the best interest for the citizens or our Republic!

    The truth is out and the political naysers that never once brought up or questioned anything that Obama did should of put a “big red ?” and brought up inquiries especially his un Constitutional actions. But they did not because some felt it would of caused problems but those problems in the long run should of not mattered when it came to this Republic period. He is no longer in office and now they need to get to the bottom of these said actions. Why? It’s obvious that people were in cahoots whether top of Middle personnel. Since the heads of some of these agency or departments have been changed they need to find those that were willing to take in some respects a courageous steps to bring to light the duplicity that was going on in many different aspects including possible sedition in setting up the next administration. Think about it this might of not been against Trump but could very well been against Clinton. They know there was corruption going on and this could of been done to protect this Republic!

    The information that was being leaked in the last administration should of blown the lid sky high over what was found on Clinton’s hard drives. But oh no! The news agencies did not jump on this juicy news nor did the networks. This brought about distrust for media by the citizens claiming fake or false news caused the public responce but Trump helped to bring it to the fore! However. I digress these departments should be scrambling to find out how information contained in a totally closed top security system meaning that can only be accessed from inside certain areas and the actions revealed in those documents and committed during the past administrations watch? You are not allowed to copy, transfer or remove any of the information from that system period! It should of thrown giant “big red ?” and should of caused a real security uproar over how there was information from a totally closed top security system that can only be accessed from inside certain places got on Hillary “the dishonorable” Clinton’s private server hardrives? This also includes any actions taken by the past administration and or the reasons and the inherent possibilities to create an atmosphere and possible seditious actions after that administration was no longer in office. To have that information is considered treasonous including espionage actions on an unsecured server hard drives and her position as Secretary of State did not authorize her special outside accessor anyone else! The Wikileaks release of documents should whether people like it or not should help bring about cleaning out the Swamp from every Department or Agency to protect our Republic and to help those business affected to close any back door entry points to access against no natter where the hackers are from!

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