Bristol Palin HACKED…

CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP - "Bristol & Willow Palin / Joan & Melissa Rivers" - Bristol and Willow Palin reside in Wasilla, Alaska with Bristol's four-year-old son, Tripp, who rules the roost. What Tripp says goes in the Palin household. When Melissa Rivers arrives in Wasilla, she's surprised to see snow on the ground - in May! Meeting Willow and Tripp, Melissa finds it a challenge to deal with Tripp's boyish exuberance, and feels that he needs to have a set daily routine. Aunt Willow is no help when it comes to discipline, and in fact is often the instigator behind Bristol's back. But Melissa is determined to bring structure to the Palin home, so when it's time for the rules change, she immediately initiates a new sticker chart reward system for Tripp. She also applies rules changes to Willow, helping Willow to get one step closer to following her passion in a career. "Celebrity Wife Swap" is back and all-new on Sundays this summer, kicking things off SUNDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on ABC. (Photo by Matt Hage/ABC via Getty Images) TRIPP PALIN, BRISTOL PALIN

Bristol Palin’s Instagram page was hacked this week by a surprising culprit.

Her son Tripp.

Check it out!

From People:

Bristol Palin‘s young son, Tripp, took over his mom’s Instagram page on Thursday with a selfie he snapped of his self-described “bad hair day.”

The photo shows Tripp in the car with his dirty blond hair spiked in different directions and his eyebrow cocked.


Love it!

Bristol and Dakota are expecting another child in a couple months.

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