Scott Baio Hears Of Robo-Call Claims from Obama to “Resist” Trump, So He QUICKLY Responds…

There have been circulating claims on Twitter of automated calls from former President Barack Obama to several different people.

People are claiming these calls are asking them to “resist” President Donald Trump.

American actor and television director, Scott Baio acted quickly to voice his concern:


Others have tweeted about the calls as well:





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  1. The DemonKKKraps continue to rack up felonies, almost faster than they can be investigated. It’d be nice to see these and other crimes they’ve committed charged, so that the individuals can be tried, convicted and sentenced, appropriately, to the maximum penalties allowable by law.

    We, the People, have a right to have justice done. When will be see that?

    De Oppresso Liber

    • THIS, seems to be their modus operandi! They have created one offense after another, with no time to act on one horror before the next one hits the wires. It started with Fast and Furious, and has been fast and furious ever since. Like Hillary’s destruction of e-mails, the New Administration needs to concentrate on one charge and prosecute THAT! After these traitors are in prison, there will be plenty of time to prosecute the rest of their dirty dealing.

      • Ohiogunr – We are certainly agreed in principle. Researching which crimes would near the various statutes of limitations first should narrow the priority fairly quickly, regardless of the crime, as long as it can be prosecuted successfully and carries an assured penalty of incarceration for more than a year [thereby placing it in the felony category, requiring prison (whether federal or state), not merely jail]. As with any such prosecution, the primary charge should also have several others to back it up (without “stacking” the charges), each of which should also carry penalty of incarceration. The only plea bargaining permissible, as far as I’m concerned, is with the minimum time of incarceration, which should not be less than 5 years, giving time to investigate and charge other crimes not as pressingly approaching their statutes of limitations, taking each in order of how pressing that deadline is, along with the seriousness of the crimes.

        Naturally, there are other considerations, as well (age of the Defendant being one, to assure that justice is initiated prior to the demise of a terminally ill Defendant, for instance), but these are at the top of my list. I am less concerned with other mitigating factors (number of children who will be deprived of the parent, for example), as long as these slimeballs get the appropriate administration of the scales of justice.

        De Oppresso Liber

  2. These guys ALL need to be shot after being tried and found guilty of TREASON. Period. Obummer, HillBilly, Frankenstein, Nutty Pelosi, the list is long; the offenses are GREAT. Justice must be served, and that requires many, many executions for their treason.

    • off with their heads, after all, that’s what they and their muslim friends want to do to us. they HATE americans and america

    • cdansreau – Jail is a minimal start. Prison starts toward adequate incarceration. Execution is preferable, but difficult to win.

      De Oppresso Liber

  3. There is a VERY simple solution to all this. President Trump / AG Sessions, should send the SS to Hawaii and forcefully if necessary, demand to see and execute search for this fabled obama hard copy certificate of birth. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to know… THERE ISN’T ONE. When this is proven, obama could be immediately arrested and perp walked to the nearest JAIL. Either that or he’d have to make a run for some dirty little third world dump that wouldn’t extradite him… problem solved, and what’s better yet, we could wipe that filthy black stain off the pages of American history as ever being a president of the United States… glory days indeed.

    • Captain Obvious – The color of stain on the pages of American history is debatable. It could be black (metaphorically, of course), but then it could quite well be brown, owing to the common color of fecal matter.

      Jail would be a good start for an unsentenced prisoner. A facility with higher security would better satisfy me, however.

      De Oppresso Liber

  4. See how Obama Unites us…
    We all agree he should be charged with either Treason or Sedition…
    (Okay, 1/2 of us do. The other half are out there with a flashlight and a friend looking for the arses)

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