YES! Ben Stein WRECKS Hollywood “Snobs” With One Killer Statement

With only a few days to go until President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Ben Stein has stepped out into the political scene once again, via an interview with Fox News Host Neil Cavuto.

In the interview, Stein tears Hollywood a new one.

“A biggest bunch of bullies you’ve ever seen in your life…they are a united black-listing front who will go against anyone that they think is politically undesirable. They are not for freedom of speech, they are not for freedom of expression. They are exactly the opposite of that.”

Wow—a pretty major admission from someone who’s mingled in Hollywood circles since the 1970’s.

Check it out:

He went on:

“They’re also incredible snobs, so they look down on Donald Trump even though he’s rich because they think he’s trashy rich. Like Archie Bunker who suddenly got 11 billion dollars.”

What an insight.

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In the midst of the 2016 Election Cycle, Stein was featured in a Chuck Grassley ad which mimicked his role in the iconic movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The ad surprised many Americans who’d been previously unaware of Stein’s political career. Prior to his time as an actor, Stein was a speechwriter for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

It’s rare we hear such harsh criticism of Hollywood from an insider—and despite his conservative views, Stein certainly is one.

Between the speech we heard from Meryl Streep last week at the Golden Globes and the daily reports of celebrities rescinding their commitments to perform at the inauguration next week, it’s clear Hollywood’s pretty dead-set on bullying Americans into feeling how they want them to feel.

The only problem? It’s not really working for them (see: 2016 Presidential Election).

Keep it up, leftist bullies. If the election of Donald Trump wasn’t enough to prove Americans don’t want to be told how to feel about politics, it appears nothing will be.


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