ONE YEAR LATER This Epic Speech Is Truer NOW Than Ever

On January 19, 2016, Governor Sarah Palin took the stage in Iowa to officially endorse Donald Trump in his run for President of the United States. The endorsement dominated the news and sent the internet on fire.

And now, one year later, we look back on her speech and see how she spoke straight to the hearts of Americans—and that she was one of the first to identify the reasons Trump would inevitably become our next POTUS.

The Governor made an address as diverse as the Iowans in the crowd that day, saying:

“We all have a part in this. We all have a responsibility. Looking around at all of you—you hardworking Iowa families, you farm families, teachers and teamsters, cops and cooks, you rockin’ rollers, holy rollers, all of you who’ve worked so hard—you full time moms, you with the hands that rock the cradle—you make the world go round, and now, our cause is one.”

She went on to note the many ways in which our nation has suffered the past eight years by way of our “weak-kneed, capitulator-in-chief.” She defended our troops and the lack of support they’ve received, and spoke on behalf of all conservative voters—the gun owners, the defenders of life, the fiscal conservatives, the small business owners, and the families of our heroes in uniform.

She then began to pinpoint the strengths of our President-Elect—the strengths which, we can now say, brought him a victory on November 8th.

Governor Palin identified the qualities Americans were looking for in their next POTUS. She highlighted Trump’s business background and his lack of political ties:

“He is from the private sector—NOT a politician. Can I get a hallelujah?”

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And then, she honed in on our nation’s establishment politics problem and called establishment Republicans to the carpet for manipulating the conversation and accusing Trump voters of “not being conservative enough.”

“NOW, they’re concerned about this ‘ideological purity’? Give me a break!”

Then, she brought it all back to our President-Elect:

“He’s got the guts to wear the issues that need to be spoken about and debated on his sleeve… These issues that Donald Trump talks about had to be debated and he brought them to the forefront, and that’s why we are where we are today.


Today, this statement is truer than ever before. If not for the straight talk of our President-Elect and those bold enough to support him, it’s possible our national conversation would still be dictated by establishment elites.


It’s also possible Hillary Clinton would have won the election in November.

This might be the number one reason Trump won—because he was courageous enough to shed light on the real issues, and because of bold conservatives like Governor Palin, who saw this early on and stood behind him, even when the national party would not.

Now, it’s time to Make America Great Again – and we’ve got millions of deplorables who jumped on the Trump Train to thank for that!



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