Snoop Dogg “Jokes” About Killing The President, Trump Fires Back In PERFECT Way…

Earlier this week, rapper Snoop Dogg released a video that showed him shooting a clown version of Donald Trump in the head.

You can watch the video here.

It immediately sparked a controversy.

Then, President Trump responded on Twitter and brought up an interesting point.


Will the media answer that question?


  1. Trump should do a response video where Snoop Dogg wakes up dressed as a clown and is tied to a table and Trump gives him some waterboard treatment and the voice over says, “It was at this point , Snoop Dogg knew that he f#$ked up “, and then drops him out the back of Air Force One from 15,000 ft with a close up of Snoop crying all the way to the ground.

  2. The best time to ask @snoopdog what he was thinking when he posted this would be when he wasn’t “high”. We may never get the answer.

  3. The PERFECT way to repsond would be to have him arrested for threats of violence or conspiracy to incite assassination. Why are conservatives so afraid of suing and pressing charges? Sessions has been such a let down because he hasn’t sought prosecution for too many leftists. We need a no holds crackdown of the criminal elements in this nation. No more hiding behind the first amendment or “just joking” excuse.

  4. Snoop Dogg needs to be locked up, what is this teaching our children, this is why we have so much crime in our country because of idiots like Snoop Dogg. And you wonder why these kids are going out gang banging and shooting each other, wow and people are giving Snoop Dogg thumbs up and is OK with this, your just as bad as he is, all you people who think this is OK are scum and need to grow the hell up. This is why our country is so screwed up.

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