The Original Buffy, Kristy Swanson SLAYS Liberal Lies With Patriotism

Kristy Swanson may be best known for her portrayal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the popular 90s film, but nowadays she’s spending much of her time driving a stake through liberal lies. The talented actress and Donald Trump supporter is speaking out against the false narrative that much of Hollywood spews on a daily basis. Swanson is throwing caution to the wind and taking a stand for her country, no matter what the elites think about it.
“I got sick and tired of the double standard, especially in my business,” Swanson said during an interview on The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio. “I was very bothered by the women’s march. I just felt like I had to say something.”
She has–and then some. Ever since she responded to a tweet from ultra-lefty Chelsea Handler, Swanson has been doing interviews, attending Trump rallies, and standing up for America. This is a new platform for Swanson, but she’s getting the hang of it quickly.
“I learned at a very young age to keep my mouth shut about the conservative side,” said Swanson. “I didn’t speak up, I didn’t speak out.”  Two life-altering events changed all that.  A trip to Afghanistan and becoming a mother opened Swanson up to being more concerned about issues and our country.
The latest antics from Handler and her fellow disrupters served as the last straw. Swanson thinks entertainers should stick to entertaining and stop trying to hijack everything. “I don’t think it’s our business to tell people how to vote,” Swanson said. “It’s not their Hollywood, it’s our Hollywood.”
Swanson, who is also known for her iconic scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, her role in Big Daddy, and appearances in countless other flicks and TV shows is disgusted by the way liberals continue to resort to violence and destruction. It’s time for the losers to move on from their loss already, like Swanson did when Barack Hussein Obama won the presidency.
“I was really bummed for about five days and then I got over it,” Swanson said. “I didn’t burn flags and protest.” The same can not be said about many of her colleagues. But according to Swanson, there are many conservatives in the entertainment industry. Sadly, because of the double standard in Hollywood, they remain silent because they’re afraid of losing their job. To Swanson that’s “insane, just crazy–absolutely crazy.”
As far as the outrage from some against President Trump’s immigration policies, Swanson is shocked. “I’m flabbergasted”, she said. “As long as I’ve been around in this country, we haven’t tolerated radical anything.” Yet unlike in the past when we stood united against the Ku Klux Klan, street gangs, and other extreme groups, radical Islam is somehow given a free pass by some. “We need to shut it down,” Swanson said.
While the bias in Hollywood, Washington, and all of Liberal Land has been there for a long time, the phoniness and name calling has gotten to Swanson. “The whole women’s march–they were using the women to do a march that ultimately was an anti-Trump march. They were using the female gender.” Meantime, since ‘coming out’ for Trump, Swanson has had her share of attacks thrown her way. “I’ve been called a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a Nazi.” Nothing new from the ‘tolerant left’. What is new though, is their very capable adversary. With the truth on her side, Kristy Swanson is a force to be reckoned with.
It takes a lot of fortitude to face off against today’s liberals. After all, they will stop at nothing. It’s a zero-sum game fueled by Alinsky tactics. But, Swanson is fearless. She’d make Buffy proud. As for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, what would she think about all of this? What’s scarier, vampires or the pink hat wearing disrupters? According to the original Buffy, it’s a dead heat. “I think they’re almost even Steven in a way” Swanson said. That’s saying something. But this isn’t a fight against vampires. No garlic or stakes are needed to debunk the ridiculousness coming out of many in Hollywood. Patriots like Swanson are armed with commonsense and the Constitution–and that’s plenty effective when it comes to shining sunlight on the constant liberal lies.
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