WOW! A Hurricane Katrina Survivor Just Asked Something AMAZING Of The Soldier Who Rescued Her…

A young woman who was rescued by a member of the U.S. Air Force during Hurricane Katrina recently reached out to her hero and asked him to accompany her to her JROTC ball, per Fox8WVUE.

LaShay Brown and Master Sergeant Mike Maroney became the subjects of a famous photo when he rescued the little girl after she and her family had been stranded for days on the roof of their home.

Check it out:

In 2010, he began posting the photo online to try and reunite with the family. After several years, it went viral, and he eventually saw LaShay in person in 2015 on the TV talk show The Real.

“You rescued me more than I rescued you,” he said to her at the show.

Maroney suffered PTSD and has said he kept his photo with Brown on his person during tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to remind him of the important moment.


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