On His Way Out, Obama Takes One Last SHAMEFUL Shot At Israel

On his way out the door, President Obama took the time to work with the international community to undermine Israel at the United Nations.

The United States stood by and allowed a resolution to pass through the United Nations which slammed Israel and condemned perfectly legal settlement activity.

Shortly after, John Kerry gave a shameful speech equating Israel with Hamas and terrorism in general.

We stabbed Israel in the back.  There is no other way to put it.

In his final 60 minutes interview, President Obama weighed in on the matter.

He said it was just a bunch of “noise and hullabaloo”.

Yes. That just happened.  Pretty unbelievable, huh?

This situation was much more than just a bunch of noise.  It was a serious violation of trust.

Also, pretty disrespectful to dismiss Bibi Netanyahu’s reasonable objections as just being “fired up”.

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President Obama’s foreign policy has been an abject failure.  You would have trouble trying to find a place in the world where things are better than they were 8 years ago.

Fortunately, this poor treatment of one of our greatest allies looks like it will be changing dramatically in 3 days.

H/T Weasel Zippers