Today Is A BIG DAY For The Palin Family, Here’s Why…

Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska talks with her daughter Piper during a farewell rally at the new Dena'ina Civic & Convention Center in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday, September 13, 2008. (Photo by Marc Lester/Anchorage Daily News/MCT via Getty Images)

Remember this adorable little girl?

Well, Piper Palin isn’t so little anymore.


Happy Birthday Piper!


    • Well let’s pray she has had some good driving lessons 😉 These roads are still pretty slick around here ! 😮
      J. Bennett
      Wasilla, AK

  1. Wow, Sweet 16 already! I’ll never forget the baby licking moment……so cute. She’s always been a wonderful big sister. 😊


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