Eric Trump FIRES BACK At Democrats Pushing Russia Narrative…

Democrats have been relentlessly pushing the false narrative that Russia is the reason Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

Eric Trump was asked about those allegations in an interview that aired this morning and he didn’t hold back.

Here’s what he had to say.

From The Daily Mail:

Eric Trump on Sunday morning responded to his father’s unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped by the previous administration during the presidential campaign, painting Democrats a sore losers.

He also slammed the recent leak of his father’s 2005 tax return as being ‘very third world’, adding that the practice scared him personally.

That position, Eric said in his Sunday Morning Futures interview, means he is better placed than anyone else to know if the company has had deals with the Russia – which he denied while answering a question about Trump’s wiretapping allegations.

‘It’s so ridiculous,’ he said. ‘It infuriates me. think I understand this company better than any human being in the world and we have no projects in Russia. If we had projects in Russia you would see our name on those projects. We’re not exactly bashful about having our name. We like having our names on our buildings.’

Trump’s son was responding to Bartiromo’s question about his father’s claim that the previous administration wiretapped his headquarters at Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.

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Republican Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the intelligence committee, has since said there were ‘no indications’ that Trump Tower had been under government surveillance before or after the election.

Still, Eric lashed out at  the Democrats, accusing them of trying to hurt Republicans’ image after losing the presidential race.

‘Here’s the narrative. Because a certain party lost an election and they needed to try and put somebody else down that they further and they perpetuate and there’s zero truth behind it and it’s just very very sad,’ he said.

‘I’d like to see that party taking a look at themselves and maybe the leaders of that party shouldn’t be making their password to their computer ‘password’. Why don’t you start there.’

Here’s the video.

Solid response.


  1. I think these guys are playing lawyer – wiretapped in the tower? maybe yes, maybe no but surveilled, including illegal activity – that’s a different question. Information on Gen Flynn’s conversation was illegally released to the public. Until the person(s) who did that are brought to justice, there is no reason to trust “Intel” and no reason for the public to want the NSA metadata capability to continue since they can’t control it’s content.

  2. Thank you for this post Andrew Mark Miller.

    On Monday, March 13, in response to a question asked the previous Friday, the President’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer explained to the media that when the President tweeted about “wiretapping” (in quotes) he meant the “whole host of surveillance types of options.”

    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 3/13/2017, #22

    The issue is not whether Trump Tower was ‘bugged’ but whether Mr. Obama used national security surveillance for political purposes. In that regard, people may find the following of value:

    National Security Surveillance Used For Political Purposes – Did Obama Spy on Trump?

    The post is open to the public, but for those who do not do Facebook, follows is the text:

    Clearly the claim laid out in Judge Napolitano’s piece Did Obama Spy on Trump? has ruffled some feathers both at home and abroad.

    1. Follows is GCHQ’s response to Judge Andrew Napolitano published Thursday:

    GCHQ response to Judge Andrew Napolitano

    2. Despite that dismissal, during the Thursday White House Press Conference, in response to a question put by Jonathan Karl, Press Secretary Spicer cited a litany of open source reports, including that by Judge Napolitano;

    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 3/16/2017, #25

    3. On Friday, during the Press Conference with Chancellor Merkel, the President was asked by a German reporter about the claim concerning British intelligence:

    Joint Press Conference with President Trump and German Chancellor Merkel

    4. Relying on the President’s response, the BBC published the following report:

    Trump distances White House from GCHQ wiretap claim

    5. A number of points:

    a. Last Monday, Press Secretary Spicer made it clear that when the President tweeted about “wiretapping” (in quotes) he meant the “whole host of surveillance types of options.”

    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 3/13/2017, #22

    Given how much of the media are responding to the concerns raised, this
    point needs to be underscored to gain a clear understanding of matters.

    b. During the campaign, Democrat members of the House and Senate sent two letters to the FBI asking for an investigation of the actions of Roger J. Stone Jr. based on tweets and statements he had made.

    c. From the open source reporting in the Washington Post and New York Times, among other outlets, one can conclude “someone” was conducting surveillance, and “sources” were telling the media that the Kremlin had colluded in some manner with the Trump campaign to help elect Mr. Trump as President.

    According to reports published after the election, we ultimately learned the three individuals who were being looked at were Roger Stone Jr., Paul Manafort and Carter Page; all of whom have vehemently denied any wrong doing.

    d. It is my understanding from various reports that Lt. Gen Michael Flynn (Ret) did nothing wrong when he had a series of conversations with the Russian Ambassador. In fact, he pulled off a significant coup by getting the Kremlin to not respond in kind to the actions taken by the White House.

    That he had appeared on Russia Today, been paid by Russia Today to speak at an event and had met President Putin, along with his acting as an agent for the Turkish Government were apparently known by Mr. Trump’s transition team. Certainly the information was public knowledge.

    I suspect that there was some dissatisfaction with Flynn, in part because of his management style and in part due to his son being a bit of a loose cannon; and the initial leak to the Washington Post was a test. When Flynn failed that test with his misleading response to the President’s Press Secretary and subsequently the Vice President about the nature of the conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador, it was ultimately decided that he would have to go.

    e. Based on reporting by Sara Carter and John Solomon, it would seem that the FBI has concluded there is no evidence of collusion between the Russian Government and Mr. Trump, or people associated with Mr. Trump or his campaign. While the FBI has identified who may have leaked classified information, the FBI has been stymied in proceeding further, because prosecutors at the Justice Department have failed to give the needed go ahead. The apparent claimed reason for the hold up is that with the AG having recused himself; along with the delay in the Senate approving the people he wants to join him at Justice, people able to handle any resulting prosecution are not available; although that excuse raises other questions.

    f. As to the allegations surrounding the claimed cyber attacks and subsequent publication of “US election documents” it is likely that a grand jury has been convened to investigate those matters.

    For some time now, the claim has been made that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is a Russian agent. At some point, WikiLeaks changed the A and nameserver records for, such that two of the A records and one of the nameserver records for that domain point to IP addresses located in Moscow, Russia. Based on that information, the name of the person responsible for abuse complaints for the related network, an incorrect belief as to when the changes were made, suspicions about what is on and who has access to the related server, along with the claim that the Kremlin, through the domestic Federal security services has total control over everything that takes place on the Internet in Russia, the charge is being made that WikiLeaks is a direct front for the Kremlin.

    It is worth noting that the domain is registered through a registrar located in California, and the registry for .org domains is located in Virginia.

    Therefore, if Mr. Assange is a Russian agent, and part of an espionage effort directed by the Russian Government against the United States, one would have thought, given the vaunted signals intelligence capabilities of the CIA and NSA, that the Federal Government would have found a way by now to justify seizing the domain and shutting down the online operation.

    g. The response from GCHQ to the claim made by Judge Napolitano, especially in light of the abrupt resignation of the head of GCHQ in late January, and the ongoing effort to smear the President, because of his refusal to walk back his concerns about national security surveillance being used for political purposes, suggest that someone has clearly struck a nerve.

    h. As to the manner in which the DC Press Corp is behaving, Lauren Southern recently attended a White House briefing and posted the following video I Got White House Press Access?!

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