COME ON! Nancy Pelosi Just Pointed A Finger At Trump, INSTANTLY Contradicts Herself

Nancy Pelosi went on Face The Nation over the weekend and contradicted herself in such a blatant fashion that Republicans can’t help but laugh.

The House Minority Leader was asked about the President’s comment that if he wrote legislation that was exactly as the Democrats wanted, he’d still not see a single vote in Congress from the Democrats.

What she said is laughable:


  1. That was STUPID. Not what she said but the clip and the article are stupid.

    Pelosi was asked if was true that the Democrats wouldn’t vote for something even if it was written exactly as they wanted. She said that is not true.
    Then she said they wouldn’t work with (which means vote with) anyone who says they’re going to repeal the ACA.
    Then the guy interrupts her. Then the video is cut off very suddenly.
    Does anyone think that a document “written exactly as the Democrats would want it” would include repealing ACA? No. If it was as the Dems wanted it, then it wouldn’t be repealing ACA. If it was written as the Dems want it, they would vote for it.

    Pelosi knows that that’s not on the table. What is on the table is repealing the ACA, which for her is a non-starter. She’s completely consistent throughout this clip, despite obvious efforts to make her look bad.

    Don’t spread this FAKE NEWS!

    • “Work with” means to make suggestions and amendments in the bill. Democrats are just being petulant obstructionists.

    • Pelosi never answered the question. She redirected the question stating Trump was projecting his own view upon Democrats. ACA had nothing to do with the question.

      Trump’s claim referenced his rewriting his executive order to delay migration from nations known to have high levels of terrorism to ensure it met every objection Democrats had to his original order. Democrats still objected, claiming that the wording didn’t matter, that they objected because Trump wrote it.

      • ACA is directly related because they’re talking about the bill that’s intended to replace it.

        Pelosi talked for over 2 minutes — admitting that there could be improvements to ACA — before this clip. This clip is also cut off immediately after the two people talking over each other. She’s just been insulted, first of all, by being told that they’re unwilling to vote for something because they didn’t design it, so yeah, she reacts a bit strongly. If you view the clip before and after this strategic editing, she goes on to say that the ACA was originally based on legislation that came out of a conservative republican organisation. The ACA itself was an effort to meet the Reps in the middle and that’s historically trace-able.

        Rather than argue with me. Watch the actual interview (start from 8:18 minutes in to see the context of this clip) and see if you’d still judge her response the same way. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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