BREAKING: Maxine Waters Calls For IMPEACHMENT, Says Trump Is…

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 13: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) holds a news conference to challenge the charges made against her by the House of Representatives ethics committee at the U.S. Capitol August 13, 2010 in Washington, DC. The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct said it found sufficient evidence that Waters' chief of staff, her grandson Mikael Moore, granted "special favors" to a struggling Massachusetts-based bank in which her husband owned stock. Waters has requested that a public trial by an ethics committee panel take place before the November election. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters took to Twitter to weigh-in her opinion on yesterday’s congressional hearing of Director James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the Twitterstorm, Waters goes after both Comey and President Donald Trump.

Check it out:





  1. Well if Trump is going to hit us with RINO care than go ahead impeach away. As for Comey, he is a liar and has no credibility, can agree there.

    • Do people want the health insurance market to collapse?

      It is time that conservatives and Republicans move from being an opposition party to a governing party.

      Could the legislation that is now before Congress be better? Maybe, but a manager’s amendment has been put forward to address many of the concerns that people had.

      51 votes are needed tin the Senate to pass any legislation by way of reconciliation and the Senate Democrats are not going to lift a finger at this point to help rectify matters.

      Also keep in mind this bill is just the first step. Once this bill is passed, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will move forward with a series of regulatory reforms and a second bill will be put forward that will include additional changes.

      Let’s not forget that POTUS has put forward a budget that will dramatically shrink the size of the Federal Government.

      • Obamacare was created in the dark and booby trapped.

        The best of them couldn’t resolve this mess in one legislative move. It’s going to take time to make this right while still avoiding collapsing the insurance market and with it the rest of our medical system.

      • Best bet is to create a bill to modify obamacare with just one action as a first step. that modification will be to remove congressional exemption to obamacare. make obamacare mandatory for congress. remove government sponsored medical plan that they have now. have conservative media shame anybody who votes against this. if it does not pass then credibility is destroyed for those who voted against this. if it passes the next step will be to replace obamacare with something that works and it will get a LOT of congressional support.

    • Why? Do you enjoy high premiums and doctors who won’t accept it? People who actually have to work for a living can’t even afford to get the surgery they need with Ovamacare. My sister pays high premiums and needs surgery and can’t afford it because of Obamacare. Trump isn’t getting rid of health care. He is getting it where we can afford it and the doctors will take it. Obama lied when he forced the Obamacare through in the middle of the night.

  2. Thank you for this post Lawrence Richard.

    So, the Democrats are refusing to reflect on why they lost, but instead of have gone all in on blaming Russia.

    Well, there is no evidence of collusion and worse, the FBI is now pushing to go after new media under the guise of a national security investigation.

    • actually there is some evidence of meetings with russia. However it was the democrats. probably the russians wanted to find out where their donation to the clinton foundation went. i am going to adopt a rule of thumb that if the democrats blame the republicans for something, the democrats are probably projecting their faults onto the republicans.

  3. The Hildebeest still needs to explain all her crimes as well, oh great AA incompetent one . . . Perhaps if you started with a real problem, rather than trying to destroy the solution to it, things might work out better? Sheesh, what an idiot . . .

  4. Maxine Waters calls for Trump’s impeachment because he is a liar? WOW! I mean, WOW! She lies so much you never hear a truthful word. She makes the word “liar”, when talking about others, sound like “truth”. That’s okay, maybe she’s right, but if she is, that means they ALL have to be impeached.

  5. I know she isn’t that stupid. She knows impeachment would never get past the House. This is all the plan to delegitimze Trump and his administration. They will not stop. But, impeachment is not going to happen.

    • But she didn´t get that way alone. You have to receive help from a professional. She must have got killary to help her.

      • Mario, you could be right. There’s stupid, really stupid, and special kind of stupid (SKD). To reach that exalted state of stupid may well require professional assistance.

  6. I have to wonder who wrote her letter because she isn’t smart enough to put more than 10 words together. The same loon who said we put the U.S. flag on Mars.

  7. Waters is as psychotic as pelosi. I’d swear they were twins. Well sisters get on your brooms and fly straight to hell and get what you deserve.

  8. All of the blogs are filled almost 100% with derogatory remarks about old Maxine. However, someone elected her. Over and over and over

  9. OK… Who spiked the “Good ‘ol Boys” koolaid?!? Maxine… Didn’t your Mama ever teach you to get your facts straight so you don’t end up looking the fool? Guess not.

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