WE TOLD YOU! Look What Canadians Are Saying After P.M. Invites Illegals In…

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 16: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during an event at the United Nations (UN) headquarters on March 16, 2016 in New York City. In an announcement at the UN, Trudeau said that Canada is making a bid to take a seat on the United Nations Security Council for a two-year term beginning in 2021. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously issued a call for Canada to openly accept immigrants.

Now, it seems Canadians are unfavorable of such an invitation.

Per The Hill:

Forty-six percent said they opposed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s handling of increased numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing into Canada through the U.S., while only 37 percent supported his decision and 17 percent did not state an opinion. Forty-eight percent said they were in favor of ramping up deportations of those who entered the country illegally.

That signals a stark increase from a separate Ipsos poll in January, which found that 59 percent supported Trudeau’s policies, and 41 percent disagreed.

The Hill reports the growing opposition to Trudeau’s acceptance of immigrants:

The poll’s findings come as Canada faces an influx of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, who are leaving the U.S. amid fears of President Trump’s long-promised crackdown on illegal immigration.


  1. Interesting post Lawrence Richard, however why does the Hill persist on calling individuals undocumented immigrants? They are not. They are illegal immigrants.

  2. OH…. So it was all “fine and dandy” when the illegals were here in the U.S. We were openly ridiculed by Canadian liberals for taking a stand against that policy. Now that the shoe is on THEIR foot, it’s suddenly a different story. I think Canada has the same problem that we have here in the U.S. Their media throws a story out there after “polling” a bunch of college kid, and it’s supposed to represent what the mass of the public at large thinks or wants. The media “journalists” (HA!) manipulate the news to suit whatever agenda they have.

  3. Soon Canada will be building a wall when their schools, hospitals, public housing and welfare systems are overflowing they will understand. It’s not about nationality, it’s about the drain that unemployed and uneducated people bring into your country. If you believe they pay their own way and pay taxes and better your country, you are wrong. They will try to change your country and ideals to that of their own. They are not immigrants. They are aliens who have broken the law by entering your country illegally and that is strike one. You are welcome to as many as you like. Don’t send them back to the U.S.

    • Canada could simply chip in on the cost of the wall on our southern border between Mexico and the US but then Canada would still have that pesky Hollywood invasion.

  4. Anyone south of the American boarder is a virus that spreads and destroys anything in its path. It destroyed the U.S. and is now spreading throughout Canada and won’t stop until it has infected the entire world and we have the progressives to blame for this virus. It’s time to purge the world of the virus and put them back in its countries of origin and keep them there. Time for both countries to build those walls.

  5. It’s always easy to critisize other people when you don’t have to deal with what they deal with… when it comes to your door… it’s a different story isn’t it?

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