Video From Over 20 Years Ago Resurfaces And HAUNTS Democrats Opposing Gorsuch

There has been some growing discontent of nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, for refusing to answer some questions posed by liberals.

They seem to forget what liberals said during the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Check it out:


  1. Democrats are nothing but hypocrites. Perhaps Ginsburg should have been asked if the Constitution is the best model for other countries aspiring to become democratic, she probably would have refused to answer on the grounds that it may not get her confirmed.

    • She told one country not to model their constitution after the US Constitution….if that doesn’t make you wonder why democrats were so fervent it getting her confirmed I don’t know what is.

  2. Well ouchie ouchie!

    Judge Gorsuch is a pillar of patience and human compassion. Some of the questions he’s being asked and the behavior of some of these senators have been so blatantly inappropriate and seemingly ignorant that, as an American, it makes me very concerned. And as a person it embarrasses me for the Judge’s sake.

    Oh gosh. And now it’s Al Franken. He’s launched into some miles-long story about something that he’ll presently be attempting to re-try the case in public and blaming the whole thing on Judge Gorsuch. What a fool. What a lowlife chump. He’s too illiterate to even know the implications of what he’s doing. He sounds and acts like a belligerent drunk. Literally. That’s how he’s behaving. Like an obnoxious, pushy drunk. He’s out of control.

    • I’m Canadian and watching Franken today I was disgusted and embarrassed for your country. What a nut. What disrespect. I don’t have any clue who the nominee is, re his court decision record, but watching him, he’s the best for your country and has infinite patience.

      • Thank you, Donna.

        It’s a drag to behold, but in the long run there is much value in having this atrocious behavior on display for all to see.

        Judge Gorsuch is a standup guy with a stellar record and reputation. His decisions are almost never overturned on appeal. He’s a respected legal scholar. To see him treated so shabbily by some of these uneducated dimwits is a real shame.

        We really need him to be confirmed. They therefore intend to block it.

      • Maybe we could send Franken to Quebec or some other location on the east side and north of the border or Toronto with Trudeau? Ah no, that would not be nice.

  3. This is a fake news outlet run by Sarah Palin. She officially promote it. Welcome to new Alt Reality of Trump!

    • Oh no my lib friend these are actual video clips from actual confirmation hearings,,the truth hurts huh??? The problem is y’all can dish it out but you just cannot take it,,hahaha,,you’re a joke,,,

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