Garth Brooks REVEALS Why He Declined To Play Trump’s Inauguration

We have seen a startling amount of celebrities lose their cool during the 2016 election cycle.

Remember all the Hollywood elites who threatened to leave America if Trump won?

None of them ended up following through with it unfortunately.

We’ve also seen many celebrities refuse to perform at Trump’s inauguration because apparently, personal politics is more important than uniting as a country.

A lot of people were surprised that Garth Brooks declined to perform.

Here’s what he had to say about it recently…

From Allen B. West:

The left is gleefully reporting about all the celebrities who’ve declined Donald Trump’s invitation to play at the inauguration.

Isn’t it crazy how this has become a national dialogue? At the end of the day, who the bleep really cares? Trump won; Hillary didn’t; Obama is at last going and on Friday we’ll have a new president.

With that, we bring you country superstar Garth Brooks. Now given his very down to earth, American persona, you’d think Brooks would be a natural to perform at the inauguration, right? Should we be disappointed he turned the opportunity down? Not exactly…

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Entertainment Weekly reports, Country star Garth Brooks has shed some light on why he won’t be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration this week after previously indicating he was open to the idea.

The singer-songwriter explained in a Facebook video Monday that the popularity of his current tour will preclude him from participating in the swearing-in ceremony.

Responding to a slew of fan questions as part of his Inside Studio G series, Brooks confirmed that he was approached by casino mogul and inauguration organizer Steve Wynn about taking part in the event, and “left it up to karma.” When Brooks’ ticket sales dictated that three additional Cincinnati concerts would be added to the two already on the calendar, he found himself unavailable for Trump’s welcome party.

Nice to know that the reasoning wasn’t political.

Garth definitely appears to have a legitimate excuse.