Trump Announces Funding Cuts To The United Nations, It INSTANTLY Does THIS…

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - MARCH 21: United Nations (UN) soldiers from Sri Lanka patrol the slum "City of God" March 21, 2005 in the downtown area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At least two members of the Haitian former military and two UN soldiers died in a gun battle March 20, marking the first lost of life to the UN peace force since it arrived in Haiti. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images)

The UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has suggested the council pull its presence out of Haiti and replace it with a smaller mission, per Weasel Zippers.

This news comes soon after reports the Trump White House plans major funding cuts to the UN.

Check it out:

Guterres said in the report sent to the Security Council last week that all 2,370 soldiers serving in the peacekeeping mission should be gradually withdrawn “and that the mission close by October 15, 2017.”

A new mission would be established that would retain 295 of the current 1,001 police officers serving in MINUSTAH, and the civilian staff would also be significantly reduced.

“The successor mission would be a smaller peacekeeping operation focused on the rule of law and police development,” Guterres said in the report sent to the council on Thursday.

Based in Port-au-Prince, the UN team would “also monitor and exercise an early warning function for conflict prevention, human rights and rule of law issues at the local level through the use of mobile teams.”

The fate of the Haiti mission will be officially decided next month.