JOY (VILLA) TO THE WORLD: Punk Rock Trump Is The Man

She’s a tattooed woman of color, a vegan, and an artist—so naturally she’s a Trump supporter. No, really. Singer Joy Villa shreds the liberal narrative that the far left owns everyone who isn’t a white, Christian man. She’s fully out as a lover of our 45th president.

If you don’t recognize the name Joy Villa, you probably know of her by now. Villa is an amazing, talented recording artist but she gained national and worldwide attention for donning the second most famous blue dress in political history. Villa is the woman who wore a pro-Trump, Make America Great Again dress at this year’s Grammys. She talked about that and much more during an exclusive interview on Mama Grizzly Radio.

“As an American citizen I really feel it’s important to have a united front because the whole world is watching us,” Villa said on The Palin Update radio program. “I’m going to be proud. I’m going to say, yes I voted for Trump. I’m proud. Let’s make America great again.”

Villa stepped up her public support for Trump because she got sick of liberals acting as if their candidates are entitled to receiving our support. “Nobody owns anybody,” Villa said. She went on to send a clear message to the ‘Not My President’ crowd. “If you’re an American citizen, Donald Trump is your president, so show some respect,” said Villa. “You don’t have to like the guy, I personally like him—I love him. I love what he’s doing. But give him a chance. Don’t crush those who are giving him a chance. Don’t bully your friends and family who actually do like him. Stop with the name calling. We really have to mature as a country and it’s only going to happen if we unite together in love and peace.”

The Trumpiphany for Villa came after she watched a decades old interview Trump did with Oprah Winfrey. “He makes a lot of sense to me,” Villa said after watching the segment. Trump basically told Lady O that he would only run for president if he felt he was needed. Like Washington, Trump answered the call. It wasn’t about him, it was about We the People.

Another similarity between George Washington and Donald Trump that Villa has noticed — neither man gets “butt hurt”.

Villa is drawn to Trump’s authenticity and genuine love of our exceptional country. She understands Trump did not need this job. He ran for it and won it for the American people. “He definitely gave up a more cushy lifestyle,” Villa said. She is extremely impressed with Trump’s willingness to lose money and deal with personal attacks against him and his family–the likes of which we haven’t seen since Sarah Palin ran for veep. But, Trump is answering the bell because he believes he can do the job. Villa, meantime is doing an amazing job supporting our new president.

Since making her MAGA-nificent splash on Grammys night, Villa has done countless interviews, headlined rallies, and like Trump has become a major force on social media.

Her music career has also benefited. Sales have skyrocketed. Like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby before, Villa has proven it actually is good business to stand up for what you believe in.

Joy Villa is doing great personally and professionally. She’s showing the world it’s cool to have commonsense and American pride. According to Villa it’s “punk rock” to support Trump. Rock on, Joy Villa. Rock on.

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