House GOP Pulls AHCA From The Floor JUST Before The Scheduled Vote

<> on September 21, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Speaker Ryan pulled the American Healthcare Act from the House floor on Friday, citing difficulty achieving the necessary votes to pass, per NBC.

Reports say Ryan apparently recommended that the bill be pulled to President Trump in a meeting Friday morning.

Check it out:

Republicans left a closed-door conference meeting Thursday night more optimistic than they had been since the process began earlier in the week. About 30 Republicans stood to speak in support of the measure, according to a source in the room, motivating the caucus to move ahead.

But things took a turn for the worse Friday as the “no” votes kept growing. One particularly critical announcement came from Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen R.-N.J., the chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee and an ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who came out against the bill.

Emergency meetings occurred all across Washington today, as Republican leaders worked to rally as many votes as possible.

Rep. Mark Wayne Mullins, R-Okla., who was helping Ryan convince members said that he posed one question to members: “When was the last time there was a perfect bill passed out of congress? It doesn’t exist,” he said. “Now is the time to pass the vote. Are you going to stand with our President Trump or are you going to stand with Obama and Obamacare.”

But by lunch time, House Speaker Paul Ryan traveled to the White House to meet with Trump. And Vice President Pence cancelled a planned trip and traveled to Capitol Hill — specifically the Republican Capitol Hill Club a block from the Capitol – to meet with the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

And things continued to get worse for the bill. Rep. Barbara Comstock, who is from a swing district in Northern Virginia, also came out Friday in opposition, according to her spokesperson. And so did Rep. David Joyce, R-Ohio, who had remained undecided until Friday afternoon.

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In the end, the votes were not there.

Most news suggest that, at this point, Republicans will move on to tackling other issues and leave Obamacare for another day.


  1. Will this lead to Ocare dying a rapid death to get to repeal?
    Screw replace.
    NO MORE comprehensive/complicated BS bills like this.
    Simple stand alone items such as crossing state line insurance. Vote. Done.

  2. Can’t they (Republican House members) just get together privately in a room somewhere over the weekend and come up with something they can all agree on?

    • They, the GOP, had 7-years to have a bill ready to go. Eddie-Haskell-Paul-Ryan just wanted to embarrass Ward-Cleaver-President-Trump by selling President Trump a bill-of-goods. “That’s a beautiful pearl necklace you are wearing Mrs. Cleaver !” exclaimed Eddie-Haskell-Paul-Ryan.

  3. Why do we need a government run healthcare system at all? Seems to me we were doing fine until Obama and his Band of Buttheads decided to take control of something they had no business meddling with. I realize it is now nearly impossible to go back in time as the damage is done but I can’t get behind any “plan” that results in a government-run healthcare system of any kind and instead of “repeal and replace” I want to see the republicans “repeal and restore power to the people”. End of story.

    • They have actually been trying to do this since FDR. this was one of his proposals that did not go through. it is part of a socialist theory to take over things and funnel it through the government. Now that we have obamacare we need to repeal it. if we want lower cost healthcare we can look at universal medical records that will prevent repeat testing just to keep the provider busy, there are many things that can be mandated. One good thing was removal of preexisting conditions as cause for rejection. they did not need to get into the health insurance business for that, they merely needed to make pre existing conditions illegal discrimination. 20 years ago this was not a widespread practice. Obamacare promoting risky sex, transexual operations and other things as a right to do was bad.

  4. This was another batguano bill, thrown together on purpose to humiliate President Trump. Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he wanted in the Omnibus Bill, was a #NeverTrumper Romneylover, and is out of touch with not only his constituency but the real world. He is a deep-blue RINO whose sole intention with this bill was to decimate our President and keep the failure of ObamaCare robbing our pockets blind. “Repeal and Replace”? Not as long as Ryan’s around!

  5. Dear GOP and the remaining Democrat imbeciles currently in charge of Legislation for this country:
    We THE People did not ask you to replace Obamacare. We asked you to repeal it.
    Obama care was shoved down the American people’s throats with a dim wit named Pelosi telling the world… “You have to sign it to know what’s in it”. We did not get to keep our policies let alone our doctors; many who have simply retired rather than deal with this catastrophe. Insurance companies no longer are holding policies for Obama care and the whole thing is falling apart. Premiums have skyrocketed off the board AND the Democrats (not one Republican voted for it back then) and a Liberal bunch of black coated buffoons called Superior Court Judges… made this a TAX… which is against the Constitution to begin with; literally forcing the American People to BUY something they could not use or want.
    I am sorry, but even as I am nearly bankrupt from my own medical bills as I fight cancer, I still do NOT want the government involved in anyway shape or form in my health care. If I cannot afford it in the long run… then so be it. I do NOT expect my neighbor or my relatives to foot my bills!!!
    You idiots have had 8 years to work this out. We now have a Republican held Legislature and STILL you cannot work this out. I guess you did not get the memo we sent back in January that said… we have had enough of your socialism and robbing the American People blind…
    We are watching… you will be voted out of office!!!!!
    Want to lower health care costs? Increase the competition between insurance companies and let policies be made across state borders. Stop the frivolous law suits that permeate the medical field. Force pharmaceutical companies to lower ridiculously high prices. Get the FDA to relax some of their idiotic guidelines when medicines used in European countries can’t even be touched here despite their success across the oceans.
    Enough of your lazy excuses and your game of politics with the American people.
    The country will start to try to blame our New President for this. Love him or hate him HE is Doing the JOB he said he would… it is the Congress and Senate stonewalling him at every attempt.

    • Does anyone remember when Nancy Pelosi showed up next to the Obamacare, a huge stack of papers on a table, and was telling everyone to vote for the bill? Well, someone asked her if she read the content and, as as stupid as she is, her reply was: “We need to vote for it now. We can always read it later”. How can we REALLY allow this kind of stupidity to make our laws? Like the other California ass who doesn’t know the difference between Crimea and Korea. I just can’t comprehend things anymore. Our whole government has to go.

  6. i keep saying the way to build co-operation for obamacare replacement is to do one thing. remove the congressional exemption from mandatory obamacare. AND remove the existing healthcare for congress making obamcare as their only solution. televise the vote on conservative video and broadcast the names of all congressmen who voted to keep the exemption. then they will have lots of co-operation.

  7. Funny how the US media never mentions the fact the UK wants to get OUT of nationalized healthcare.Get rid of Ryan and the old goats in congress and move the country forward with a FREE MARKET.”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” declared philosopher George Santayana. The U.S. “health care cost crisis” didn’t start until 1965. The government increased demand with the passage of Medicare and Medicaid while restricting the supply of doctors and hospitals. Health care prices responded at twice the rate of inflation.Now, the U.S. is repeating the same mistakes with the unveiling of Obamacare (a.k.a. “Medicare and Medicaid for the middle class”) while the UK wants to end national healthcare because the country is going broke while the US is the most in debt country in the world.

  8. every dumb person that votes for these people gets what they deserve…. . wake up america…. these so called politicians HAVE TO GO…… VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Trump Care went down in flames. This is what you get when you elect Hillary Clinton’s Donor Ducking Donald Trump. Sarah you should ashamed for supporting this Groper!

  10. Thank you for this post Mary Kate Knorr.

    Would any public support for Obamacare end if POTUS was to proclaim an executive order requiring that all members of congress, their staffs and all civil servants, as well as employees of all government contractors are required to participate in health care exchanges?

    Part of the problem is that due to how the original legislation was passed, only certain parts can be repealed with 51 votes in the US Senate, while the balance require 60 votes, unless the Senate changes the filibuster rules.

    Obviously the Congressional Republicans and Trump’s team made mistakes in how they moved ahead with this legislative effort.

    Also, in making any major change, it is better to have bi-partisan support.

    The question is will grass root activists, legislators and members of Trump’s team learn from their mistakes?


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