YIKES! You Won’t Believe Who Liberal NYC Mayor Just Blamed For Manhattan Murder..

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 30: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a press conference to announce the city will not appeal a judge's ruling that the police tactic "Stop-and-Frisk" is unconstitutional, which the judge had ruled over last summer, on January 30, 2014 in in the Brownsville neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough ofNew York City. DeBlasio, who campaigned for mayor saying he would stop "stop-and-frisk," stands in stark contrast to his predecessor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who staunchly defended the tactic. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Following the arrest of the suspect in the Manhattan murder case, Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio claims some responsibility for the attack could be on President Donald Trump.

The Mayor seems to believe rhetoric by Trump could have been motivation behind the horrific stabbing of the 66-year-old, Timothy Caughman.

Per Politico:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling what police said was a racially-motivated murder of a black Manhattan resident by a white man who traveled to the city from Baltimore an “act of domestic, racist terrorism.”

And he believes that “a dynamic of hatred” is growing in America that “is clearly related to the rhetoric of Donald Trump and even other candidates during the presidential election.”

The White House has rejected any causal connection:

 When asked about de Blasio’s remarks, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said in a statement to POLITICO New York, “The President has repeatedly condemned any racially or religiously motivated act of violence and to suggest anything different is dishonest and misleading.”


  1. Yes. A dynamic of hatred is growing in America Mayor de Blasio. And it’s coming from the left. Hate everyone who doesn’t believe the same as you. Let’s role a few videos showing how “loving and tolerant” the left is towards Trump supporters. Let’s, just for the sake of argument, turn the scenario around. “A racially-motivated murder of a WHITE Manhattan resident by a black man who traveled to the city from Baltimore an “act of domestic, racist terrorism.” Do you actually see that as today’s news??? Not hardly. Why? It just doesn’t fit the left’s cause. They’d probably spin it as a black citizen avenging his ancestors. What a crock! Democrats don’t fight for the cause of the people, they fight for votes.

  2. Has infinitely more to do with the rhetoric and actions in America (The Western World) by Liberals over the last 50 or so years. Is this really not visible to somebody?

  3. What about Obama (and his minionns) fostering intense racial animus for the past 8 years??? Anyone willing to speak up about THAT???

  4. What a total load of BS! This Mayor needs to grow a pair! I’m frankly bored with all the Liberal blame this and blame that but it’s a given they never take credit for anything they’ve failed in! They are well known for taking other people’s credit for jobs well done and or bills that actually worked by conservatives it makes me want to throw up. This Mayor is a disgrace and who loves to dictate to the citizens NY and to the citizens of this Republic!

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