George Lopez DOUBLES DOWN On Gross Comments About Ivanka Trump

Gauthier, Robert –– – 102886.CA.1007.lopez3.RCG–– Comedian George Lopez, left with actor Freddie Prinze Jr. on the set of "George Lopez," Friday, October 7, 2005.

Last week comedian and actor George Lopez took to Instagram to comment on how President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was “ready” to be “pimped out.”

Take a look:


In an interview with TMZ, Lopez confirmed his comment, saying, “This country’s disparaging; unfortunately, some people get hurt.”

When asked again about his offensive comment towards the President’s daughter, Lopez replied, “So what, you’ve never been insulted?”

Check out the interview:


  1. George, be careful. Destroy civility at your own peril. It is the traditional standard of decent behavior practiced by society that protects you from others. If you convince people that civility is a silly made-up standard, there will be nothing to protect you from those who now view you with disdain.

    • Typical lefty garbage. Say they’re against Trump because he is sexist toward women, and then hurl insults like this.

      Arrogant, hypocritical, hate filled, racist, stupid Hollywooder….

      Keep it up George. Show us what Hollywood is all about…

    • Hollyweird has already destroyed civility.
      Lopez is just a symptom of the deeper rot that has crept into nearly all of us.

      It would be a mistake to believe that they are limited by common decency. They have nearly single-handedly redefined common decency.
      There is no shame in them. It’s just not in their genetic makeup.

  2. Filth from a has-been “comedian” who is not funny? This type of crap was never done to Ohomo and Michael’s “Daughters”,and was warned against by Ohomo and the Clintons. Now that a wholesome,successful Woman is the President’s Daughter,to the libs,all bets are off.

  3. It seems to me that people like this only insult families of the GOP. Before Reagan there was a policy that families of the POTUS was off-limits, especially if they were young. Maybe before people start name calling the POTUS’ children or wife, they should stop to think. What if this was their families being talked about like this. Having a parent who is the POTUS is hard enough. This is why Barron Trump is not living in the WH. His parent’s are trying not to disrupt his life any more than they have to.

  4. George Lopez and how he divorced the woman who saved his life. His wife gave him one of her kidney’s, then he left her. Rumors that he was cheating on her while still married.

  5. Hey George the only reason I ever watched your show was because of the cute wife and daughter. If you think this country is so disparaging GET THE HELL OUT!

  6. I can’t stand George Lopez. I used to like him till he cancelled a concert in Utah and said he’ll never do a concert there. Also I hate any celebrity that goes political. For one you will not know what we the regular people have to live with. I am hispanic and I am saying, DUMB ASS WET BACK, IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR CUUNTRY ANYMORE THAN GO BACK TO MEXICO! Stop disrespecting our President!

  7. Wjo is George Lopez and who finds him funny (comedian?)? He would never say that about Chelsea for everyone know she is far to ugly to rented even to a drunk.

  8. George Lopez you are a loser. A comedian who barely have gigs. your style is old and not funny. You are just a dirty old, pervert, no class punk! you are the reason why Trump was elected. go back to your country and see your rapist, drug carter cousins.

  9. I will NOT watch you. I will NOT watch anything you are in. I will NOT buy anything you are tied to. I will Not forget.

  10. Comedian? All I see is a racist, Hispanic, misogynist punk, and I can’t imagine something funny ever coming from such an ugly face.

  11. Why are you still here Jorge? You promised to leave the country. Don’t worry. We will not miss you. Leave with a clear conscience but please….just leave….!

  12. Nice mouth and what’s with the thirty weight oil on his head. Go visit your relatives and stay there. They are the only ones who think your funny anymore. Just like Clintons,
    you will say anything to stay in the spotlight.

  13. George proved himself to be a sorry peice of excrement when he took his wife’s kidney, cheated on her, then left. He’s got a filthy mouth, is no longer funny, and he surely doesn’t think of himself as a good example for ANYONE, including his own Mexican people! He needs to move to some other country as he persistently threatens to. We sure as heck don’t need his uncivilized banter here!.

  14. Lopez is another ignorant celebrity lacking any sense of morality. I wonder how he would like it if his mother, wife and daughter were pimped out, given he lacks any respect for women I guess it wouldn’t bother him.

  15. Hey Georgie, I thought you were leaving the U.S.??
    Don’t let the screen door hit your ugly, fat a** on the way out!

  16. George is just trying to be significant it this world where he is not… George Lopez has been a nobody for quite sometime. His 15 minutes for fame was so insignificant that it only lasted maybe 13 minutes… Poor George. It would be to your benefit to just fade away like your career.

  17. Maybe he should be pimped out to our former 1st lady. Then he can figure out what it was like for our former commander and chief to get it up the shut.

  18. I loved watching your show but now…..I will never give you the time of day!!! You saying any woman is ready to pimped out (and because why? She looks beautiful)
    is horrible!! I am so saddened by your comments. I thought you were more of a man than that!!!

  19. Hey Jorge did you also pimp out any daughters you ever had? Go back to mexico and try to be a comic, oh yeah the whole country is a joke so you could’nt survive, my bad Jorge!!

  20. This guy is a jerk–his ex wife gave him a kidney and he dumped her. He said he would leave America — he didn’t. He has become a disgusting piece of dirt. He is a sexist and racist. He condemns other people for the crap he is spewing. Didn’t he used to be a fairly decent person. I guess he never was.

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