OUCH!! Mark Levin Just Wrecked Republicans With One DEVASTATING Line…

Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin condemned Republican House members for throwing their weight behind the AHCA, saying, if Obama had proposed the same bill seven years ago, every single one would’ve vote against it.

Levin continued that it would’ve been criticized “for the crap that it is.”

Check it out (via CNS News):

“Now, here’s the key: If Barack Obama himself, if Barack Obama himself, seven years ago, had proposed this exact plan – supported by Ryan, supported by Trump, supported by the vast majority of Republicans in the House – if Barack Obama had proposed this plan seven years ago, every single Republican would have voted against it and condemned it for the crap that it is, and condemned it as a big, centralized government plan with new entitlements and red tape.

“They’d be going on and on about how we need to introduce competition and capitalism and private sector involvement. They’d be going on and on about, across state lines, you need to be able to buy. We’ve heard it all before.

“But now, now, according to the pathetic fools at The Wall Street Journaleditorial page, the 18 who stood against it are the ‘Obamacare Republicans.’ Isn’t that clever? Isn’t that clever from an editorial page that has been beclowning itself for decades now? Attacking the Tea Party, attacking conservatives, they are the mouthpiece for crony capitalism and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. That’s who they are. That’s what they are.

Levin went on to say that only 17 percent of the American people supported this bill, and that it did not promise to repeal Obamacare—a promise, Levin said, Speaker Ryan made to the American people.


  1. Ryan has so many sides to his mouth that it is difficulty to keep up with which side the words are coming from!!!!!!!!

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