IT’S HAPPENING!! Great Britain Is OFFICIALLY Leaving The European Union

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 27: British Prime Minister Theresa May with U.S. President Donald Trump in The Oval Office at The White House on January 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. British Prime Minister Theresa May is on a two-day visit to the United States and will be the first world leader to meet with President Donald Trump. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Well, it’s happening.

Great Britain just officially put the ball in motion to exit the European Union as of Wednesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced the action immediately after European Council President Donald Tusk was hand-delivered a letter from Tim Barrow, British Ambassador to the European Union, triggering the process.

Check it out (via NY Post):

“The Article 50 process is now under way and in accordance with the wishes of the British people, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union,” May told lawmakers in the House of Commons.

May noted, “This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back,” adding, “Now is the time for us to come together.”

The prime minister said Britain will be the “best friend and neighbor to our European partners” following Brexit.

Tusk tweeted about the event afterward, and later said, “there is no reason to pretend this is a happy day.”