Tucker Carlson Makes BOMBSHELL On-Air Reveal of Fake Anti-Trump Protester

Tucker Carlson turned an interview with an anti-Trump protester on its head last night, when he immediately accused activist “Dom Tullipso” of running a protesting scam.

Tullipso claims to be paying nearly 2,000 anti-Trump protesters $2,500 each, which Carlson pointed out equates to $54M per year.

Honestly, this interview is so insane—you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Watch for yourself (via IJR):

Carlson loses it when his interviewee references “Peyton Manning” in an explanation about support for Julian Assange (we’re assuming he meant ‘Chelsea’ Manning).

In the end, “Tullipso” concedes his point and commends Carlson and Fox News for fact-checking prior to running their story. He says his intent was to show how easily a person can influence the news media and convince media consumers using lies.

Carlson dismissed the interview and Tullipso’s company as “obviously performance art.”


Kudos to Carlson for connecting the dots on this guy prior to having him on-air—it sounds like some other news organizations weren’t quick enough to draw the same conclusions.