Trump’s Transition Team has singled CNN out once again, referring to a story written about Georgia Republican Dr. Tom Price as “junk reporting.”

Price has been appointed by the President-Elect to serve as his secretary of Health and Human Services. His confirmation hearing is today.

Price is being accused by CNN of violating the STOCK Act, when he reportedly purchased shares in a medical device manufacturing company prior to passing a bill that would benefit said company—hence the upset from Trump’s team.

Check it out (via Breitbart):

“The transaction being harped about is so small it barely clears the law’s reporting requirements,” Brady Toensing, former Senate legislative aide and current white collar criminal defense attorney, experienced in defending federal lawmakers and executive branch employees, tells Breitbart News.

“Most importantly, the stock purchase was done through a broker without the Congressman’s knowledge, which is the end of the story for allegations like these.  I suspect his accusers are well aware of this, which means these allegations are entirely about politics,” Toensing adds.

All of this comes on the tail end of a confrontation between President-Elect Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta during Trump’s first press conference of the year, at which time he told Acosta that CNN is “fake news.”

This is all pretty much business-as-usual at this point.

The media points a finger at Trump’s team—Trump’s team points a finger right back.

What do you think this kind of back-and-forth is going to mean for coverage of Washington over the next 4 years?

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