ARE YOU KIDDING?! Harvard Students Say Trump Is A BIGGER Threat Than…

Some students at Harvard apparently told Campus Reform this week that ISIS is a lesser threat to Americans than President Trump, per Fox News.

Campus Reform conducted the survey on campus at Harvard University to see which posed a more signficant threat in the eyes of Ivy League students—POTUS or the Islamic State.

Check it out:

“We always see students that are saying everything threatens them in the world and they are always being taught by the media the sensationalist idea that everything Donald Trump does must be the end of the world,” Cabot Phillips, a contributor at, said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

Phillips said his poll found more students are more scared of Trump’s policies because for years, former President Barack Obama reassured that “ISIS is a J.V. team, they’re not this real threat.”

“Also it’s the professors and the media who, again, are constantly saying, look, Donald Trump is the real threat here,” Phillips said.

Watch the interviews below:



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