JUST IN: As Missiles Hit Syria, Trump Made A CRITICAL Pledge To China…

As the airstrike on Syria occurred Thursday evening, President Trump was at dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where he pledged to increase defense against Pyongyang, per The Sun.

A high-profile defector said early this week that Kim Jong-un intends to take nuclear action against the United States should conflict present itself.

Fears of World War III continue to mount in the midst of tensions across the region.

Check it out:

Trump’s warning comes as a massive joint naval exercise involving Japan, South Korea and the US was being held this week aimed at countering the threat from North Korean submarines – ramping up the tense situation in the region.

This training was branded “reckless” by North Korea’s foreign ministry who said it was driving the Korean peninsula to the “brink of war”.

North Korea’s ambassador to Russia told Trump recently that the country was ready to act should these operations challenge the country.

“Our army has already said that if there will be even the smallest provocation from the United States during exercises, we are ready to deliver the most ruthless blow,” said Mr Hyong-Jun.

“We have the readiness and ability to counter any challenge from the US.”

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