People Freak At Pro Trump Sign On Apartment Balcony, Then The Manager…

A Washington D.C. apartment housing complex is no longer allowing its residents to display messages or flags along their balconies.

The residents have previously displayed innocent support for sports teams, but more recently have displayed argumentative political messaging.

Per Daily Mail:

The 11-story Camden South Capitol building has attracted attention on social media in recent days after a number of its tenants hung signs in support of and opposed to President Donald Trump.

The signs are clearly visible to thousands since the balconies face east, overlooking Nationals Park, the home of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

It seems the messages were drawing some unwelcome attention:

But the partisan atmosphere brought on by the recent election has influenced the balcony discourse.

That had led the building’s management to step in and put a halt to all banners – even the apolitical ones.

‘While we love our residents creativity and unique decorating, the time has come for us to remind all residents it is a lease violation if you…hang anything off of your balcony – yes this even include banners/flags supporting our beloved Washington Nationals,’ Shaun Lambert, the building’s manager, wrote in an email to tenants.

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