With ONE Sentence Judge Napolitano Validates Trump and Hammers Obama…

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and now a Fox News legal and political analyst Andrew Napolitano speaks to the We Texans rival political party in Dallas. The group was shut out from the Republican Convention in Dallas over the weekend and met at another local hotel. (Photo by Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images)

Fox News’ senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Martha McCallum Monday that when it comes to Trump deporting illegal criminal aliens, the president enforcing the law “shouldn’t be newsworthy.” Judge Napolitano said that the reason it is newsworthy is that the Trump administration is “profoundly different from the previous government.”


Unlike his predecessor, President Trump actually enforces immigration laws by deporting criminal illegal aliens. Napolitano explains further, from The Daily Caller:

“The previous government took every opportunity it could, whether out of a sense of compassion or a belief that immigrants help the economy or whatever was motivating President Obama, to look the other way in the face of illegals.”

Napolitano pointed to comments from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly who designated two types of illegal immigrants: “either they committed a crime here and went to jail or committed a crime and didn’t yet go to jail.”

“Both of which can trigger automatic deportations,” the judge explained. “So it is newsworthy when the government enforces the law, and that is what is happening.”

It’s scary that a president doing his job and enforcing the law has become newsworthy, and his predecessor not enforcing the laws was largely ignored by a media sympathetic to the Obama administration.



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