“The Mailman” DELIVERS For Trump, “Call Him What He Is…”

Sadly, many celebrities and Hollywood elites have openly criticized Donald Trump.  Many have refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration and many celebrities even threatened to leave the country if Trump won.

That makes it even more inspiring when a high profile figure comes out and supports our next president.  They are putting themselves in a position where they could be negatively affected financially or even physically.

NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone recently spoke out about Trump.

He didn’t toe the typical celebrity line…

From Breitbart:

He said, “Whoever it is, like him or don’t like him, but respect the White House. Respect the President of the United States.”

Malone then addressed the way people were bothered by some of Trump’s language or statements on the campaign trail, but he said the sum of a man is more than the language he uses in a moment or the statement he makes on a given topic. He stressed that people have to have enough respect to take time and get to know the man.

He spoke to the people who persist in saying “Donald Trump” as a way to ignore the office that Trump won on November 8, saying, “Call him what he is–he is the President of the United States.”

Amen to that.

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It’s always refreshing to see a public figure who understands how important it is to take a deep breath sometimes.

Donald Trump will be sworn in as our 45th president on Friday and hopefully, the ceremony inspires more Americans to adopt an attitude like Karl’s.



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