NOT OKAY!! Look What This Liberal Talk Show Host Said About The Women On Fox News

Left-wing talk show host Ron Kuby implied on Thursday that the women of Fox News brought Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment upon themselves through their involvement with a network of such “ugliness,” per Red Alert Politics.

Kuby indicated that these women “should not have been surprised.”

Check it out:

“These women… on air… helped create and perpetuate and profit from the right wing Fox culture of hatred, homophobia misogyny, bigotry, racism,” Kuby said. “They helped make that happen and now they are shocked that they got eaten up by that? The same ugliness that they helped perpetuate day in and day out finally came for them.”

Kuby seems to be stating these women deserved to be sexually harassed by O’Reilly simply due to their political views. Because they are conservative women, Kuby has deemed them perpetuators of “hatred, homophobia misogyny, bigotry, racism” and therefore deserving of such mistreatment.

This is the same narrative the left is constantly selling—the narrative that conservative views are evil and lacking compassion.

To make such broad, sweeping generalizations, however, is exactly why the left’s arguments of “acceptance” are so hypocritical.


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