Springsteen’s Trump-Bashing Song Gets CRUSHED…

ASBURY PARK, NJ - APRIL 22: Bruce Springsteen during Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul Concert at the Asbury Park Music and Film Festival at the Paramount Theater on April 22, 2017 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. (Photo by Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen just received some jarring critiques for his new Trump-bashing song, “That’s What Makes Us Great.”

The song features a number of personal shots to President Donald Trump which Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld took issue with.

Per Allen B. West:

TheBlaze is reporting, The duet with past Springsteen collaborator Joe Grushecky has the Boss crooning lyrics such as:

Don’t tell me a lie and sell it as a fact
I’ve been down that road before, and I ain’t going back
And don’t you brag to me that you never read a book
I never put my faith in a con man and his crooks

Gutfeld fired back with some harsh criticisms:

“So Bruce Springsteen has released a new protest song that condemns the spread of radical, violent jihadism around the world,” he began, tongue firmly in cheek. “I kid. It’s an anti-Donald Trump song. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?”

The host also criticized the line “love can conquer hate” as it means “the other side” is “hateful,” which Gutfeld said encapsulates “the real lie of leftism. They preach love, but they deem you evil.”

Here’s a few more snippets from Gutfeld’s monologue worth a read:

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But it’s not Bruce’s fault that there aren’t any truly radical protest singers. You just don’t get rewarded for saying what upsets your peers. Springsteen risks nothing. He only echoes the approved assumptions of everyone in entertainment, and the reward, of course, is pure validation.

It’s funny, Donald Trump may connect more with the average American than Bruce, and he’s a billionaire.


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