NAILED IT!! Rob Thomas Just SHUT DOWN Liberal Hollywood In Two Words…

Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas said this week that he’s sick of hearing celebrities talk about why they don’t like Trump, calling it “white noise.”

Join the club, Rob Thomas.

Check it out (via The Hill):

“I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am so tired of hearing celebrities talk about not being a fan of Donald Trump, that it almost seems like white noise,” the Matchbox Twenty frontman said Tuesday. “I think that he’s a man that’s not really equipped for the job, but I think no one really cares what I think about that.”

“I have opinions, but my opinions are as a 45-year-old husband, father, taxpayer. No matter what I say, they always kind of come across as a guy who sings music and it’s always, ‘Well you need to shut up!’” the “Lonely No More” singer exclaimed.

“I think that there is a huge part of his base that thinks he’s killing it right now,” Thomas added of Trump, “and it’s really hard to speak against that because somewhere somebody thinks he’s right. Not me.”

Granted—Thomas’ complaints about celebrities talking politics sounded a little bit like a celebrity talking politics.

Just the same, he’s right. Hollywood’s political opinions are absolutely nothing more than white noise.