Sweet Freedom Daily Devotion: Eternity Begins Now

Sarah Palin's glasses ++ model 704, No. 34 gray of the Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear collection ++ have sparked quite the craze among consumers who want to sport the Palin look, men and women alike. (Photo by Chuck Kennedy/MCT/MCT via Getty Images)

Eternity Begins Now

Set  your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
Colossians 3:2
Since the fifth grade, glasses have been and forever will be, a part of my life. I was blind as a bat before LASIK surgery years ago – it helped a bit – but the older my eyes get, the more I accept that just as I was called “four eyes” yesterday, I’ll be “four eyes” tomorrow. I find now that the right lenses are needed for each different environment. Reading close up? That’s one prescription. Driving at night? A different one. Distance to see a crowd or read a teleprompter? Still another. And I need tinted lenses for bright, sunny, snowy days. I’m up to trifocals now, and I doubt they make them any more newfangled than that, so my eyes had better quit aging.
Successful Christian living requires lens adjustments too – toward the eternal. An earthly perspective limits productivity because it keeps us trapped at ground level. God’s view allows us to soar. An eternal perspective uses wide-angle lens to see the big picture of what He’s planned and the rewards He stores up for the faithful. Too often we’re nearsighted, focusing only on the short years we have on earth, and think nothing of the years in eternity.
Theologian Art Katz said, “When we begin to see all our moments set in the context of eternity, we will bring to those moments a seriousness that we would not otherwise have had.” It’s time for a lens adjustment allowing us to live in the light of eternity.
Sweet Freedom in Action
Set aside some time to evaluate your life vision, adjusting your perspective to eternity where needed.
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