SHE’S BAAACK!! Tomi Lahren Interviews With Playboy, Changes Her Story On Abortion

Tomi Lahren settled her suit with Glenn Beck this week, and is already out and causing a stir again, via Smoke Room.

The controversial social media personality said in an interview with Playboy Magazine on Tuesday that she’s both “pro-choice” and “anti-abortion.”

Check it out:

“I can’t look at somebody who’s gone through rape or incest, and because they believe they should have an abortion, I can’t look at them as a ‘baby killer,’” the former Blaze commentator added. “I believe we have to approach these issues with compassion and understanding and try to help people. I’m anti-abortion. But I’m pro-choice because I don’t believe the government does most things well, in the same way that I don’t believe a gun-free zone or a weapons ban is going to limit violence.”

“I also don’t believe government-restricted abortion is going to lessen abortion,” she continued. “It’s going to make it less safe and more dangerous for the mother and the baby, which is why I take the position that I’m pro-choice. But personally, I’m anti-abortion.”

Lahren went on to say that if viewers are willing to cast her aside because she doesn’t agree with them on every issue, “I don’t need you.”