“Build That Wall” Student Quote Causes North Carolina School Board To Take DRASTIC Measure!

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Richmond County Schools, in North Carolina, has made the decision to cancel yearbooks for Richmond Early College High School because of a few “inappropriate” student quotes.

The initial decision was to revise the yearbooks, but due to not having enough time in the school year, the school system decided to cancel the yearbooks and reimburse those who had purchased one.

Per Daily Mail:

A North Carolina high school has confiscated all its senior yearbooks and is reprinting them because it believes a white female student’s ‘build that wall’ quote was inappropriate.

Though the school is firm on their decision to recall the yearbooks, there has been a mixed response from others who are involved:

Teachers now say that the remark amounted to ‘inappropriate conduct’ which it would not ‘tolerate’.

It recollected the 22 yearbooks which had already been distributed among students and is reprinting them.

The decision had divided opinion among residents on social media. Some agreed with the decision while others said it infringed on the girl’s first amendment rights.

The school initially decided to recall the books for reprinting:

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The school later canceled the yearbooks altogether: