22 Dead After Suicide Attack, Manchester Responds In A REMARKABLE Way

BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 23: A woman lights a candle in front of British Embassy on May 23, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. An explosion occurred at Manchester Arena as concert goers were leaving the venue after Ariana Grande had performed. Greater Manchester Police are treating the explosion as a terrorist attack and have confirmed 22 fatalities and 59 injured. (Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)
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As authorities scrambled to stabilize the space surrounding Manchester Arena last night, hundreds of concert attendees were displaced and in chaos.

But the city of Manchester managed to come together and perform heroic acts of compassion in the midst of the terror.

Check it out (via Daily Caller):

Online, people used the hashtag #roomformanchester to offer shelter, food and support to the people stranded after the attack.

Taxi drivers were also offering free rides to anyone in the area after public transportation was shut down:

“I’ve had people who needed to find loved ones, I’ve dropped them off to the hospital, they’ve not had any money, they’ve been stranded,” AJ Singh, a taxi driver in Manchester, told Channel 4 News, according to BBC. “There’s no transport in Manchester, all the roads are closed, it’s really hard to get around.”

The Holiday Inn nearby took in lost children and circulated a hotline on social media that people could use to find missing loved ones:

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The eight hospitals in the vicinity met capacity following the attack, but healthcare officials in the area for a conference offered their services for free:

“We are visiting for a health conference from morecambe bay trust tomorrow 3 Theatre ODPs available if needed,” Kirsty Withers, a theatre clinical manager at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, wrote online, according to Metro.

Prime Minister Theresa May commented on the citywide compassion Tuesday:

“The attempt to divide us brought countless acts of kindness which brought us together. We all, every single one of us, stand with the people of Manchester at this difficult time,” May said. “And today let us remember those who died and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win and our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail.”