Israeli First Lady SURPRISES Melania With Heartfelt Gift for Barron

President Donald Trump’s visit to several Middle Eastern countries undoubtedly helped him bring back information and professional knowledge, but Melania and Barron Trump brought back something much more personal.

While in Israel, President Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Ruby, offered the First Lady and Barron an incredible heart warming gift.

Per Independent Journal Review:

Certainly, the transition into the hot spotlight has not been an easy one for the Trump family. In particular, the president’s 11-year-old son, Barron, has faced moments of withering, undeserved ridicule.

The difficulty of the transition is certainly not lost on another wife to a world leader who faces similar scrutiny.

During the Trumps’ stop in Israel, they met with Israeli President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin and his wife, Ruby. The first lady of Israel spent time with Melania and gave her a gift. What made that gift special was who it was intended for: Melania’s only son, Barron.

The fast-paced responsibilities of Barron’s parents could lead him to feel lonely at times, a worry the book helps dispel:

The first lady got copies in three different languages, but it’s the content of the book that matters.

According to descriptions, the book illustrates a mother and son, alone on a walk. Her boy is named Ben. The son is worried that he is alone in the world because he is “special,” but his mother reassures him with a hug.

The gift is sure to be an encouragement to both Melania and Barron:

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According to a review from the Jewish Book Council:

Poetically translated from the original Hebrew, we follow young Ben and his mother as they walk through a field one afternoon talking about what makes Ben so very special. If you are unique and special, are you all alone in the world, asks Ben, with a quiet but deep concern. But his mother knows, as mothers often do, how to reassure her child that being one of a kind need never mean being all on your own.

Posting on Facebook, President Rivlin said, “It was important for me to give the Barron, who remained at home and is only 11 years old, a souvenir from his parents’ visit to Israel.”

He continued, saying Melania was “moved” and “immediately understood” that the book was intended for her and Barron.