Former Senator On “Atrocious Disaster” Obama: He Couldn’t Shine Richard Nixon’s Shoes

So, where does Barack Obama’s presidency rank in history? If you ask Elbert Guillory the answer is — very, very, very low. Guillory, a former Louisiana State Senator, did not hold back when discussing Obama and a myriad of topics on Mama Grizzly Radio.

“The best friend I believe that the black community has ever had in the White House was a fellow named Richard Nixon, a Republican,” Guillory said while appearing on The Palin Update radio program. Guillory praised President Nixon for creating more black millionaires and for getting more blacks into higher education than at any other time in American history. Guillory contends the comparison between Barack Hussein and Richard Milhous is not even close.

“If Obama could shine Richard Nixon’s shoes he would be doing well,” said Guillory. “He did not.”

Guillory blasted Obama for driving us into near bankruptcy and for creating ISIS. “He was an atrocious disaster for America,” he said.

Guillory, a black Republican who switched to the GOP to escape the plantation mentality of the Democrats calls out “libs” and “bozos” for hurting our country by having their noses too far up “Obama’s armpits.” During the interview, Guillory also gives his thoughts on President Trump– who he says is doing well– Governor Palin– a person he says he is the biggest fan of– and much more.

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