Democrat Is Honored As “Freshman Of The Year”, Is Arrested For Drunk Driving Days Later

The Texas State Legislature’s “Freshman of the Year,” Democratic Rep. Victoria Neave, was arrested for driving while intoxicated last week.

The state representative crashed her vehicle into a tree, per local news reports.

Neave was slurring her words and repeatedly “invoked the 5th amendment.”

Check it out (via Free Beacon):

State Rep. Victoria Neave, a freshman in the legislature representing parts of Dallas, was “staggering” and “uncooperative” with police, according to the report.

She refused to take a field sobriety test and repeatedly said to officers while slurring her words that she was “invoking my 5th amendment rights.”

“I love you and I will fight for you and I’m invoking my 5th amendment rights,” she slurred repeatedly, according to the report.

Neave was in headlines earlier this year for participating in a hunger strike to combat the state’s sanctuary city bill.

She was chosen as “freshman of the year” just last week.

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The local sheriff—Democrat Lupe Valdez, who’s “had her own stand-offs with Texas Republicans”—allowed Neave to leave through a back entrance of the jail so as to avoid reporters.

Just this past weekend, Neave participated in a safe driving event.

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